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PARIS 2020


Who said what about djsnake?

  • @djsnake controlling the crowd - DJ SNAKE

  • No way - DJ SNAKE ITALIA

  • Bonjour wlid bladi so proud to be #algerian - DJSnake_Fans

  • Watch full video: - Lucas PERMAL

  • "No Option" DJ Snake ft Burna Boy - #SRK FOR EVER

  • Baby Yoda listens to Turn Down for What - DJ Snake, Lil Jon - Diddy

  • fuck drugs dude - DJSnake_Fans

  • Dont pretend like yall aint bully djsnake, or that Ariana prod sksksk - Baby Yoda Listens To

  • I’m mad, it’s so unfair - Lucas

  • Unbelievable this dude is no more Rip legend - sure

  • It’s okay to take a break from things that fucking exhaust you... - No name

  • lisa danced to taki taki, dj snake joined lisanation. lisa danced to attention, charlie puth liked and rted her fancam also he fell in love blackpink. lisa danced to swalla jason derulo liked her viral fancam. lisa danced to good things, kehlani liked and rted. its called impact. - Nworie Stephen

  • 2.8 BILLION!!! Woah!! That’s crazy!! @djsnake congratulations this year coming is gonna be even crazier !!! - DJ SNAKE

  • Walking with greatness @djsnake - mervrey

  • I don’t know if y’all are @djsnake fans but I believe he feels this music thing in his and that’s why his streams are in the billions. Keep it up - DJSNAKEMX

  • @djsnake Plz Watch It - PM:AM Recordings

  • Life's a beach @djsnake - bYNUM

  • Rip juice - Sai Krishna

  • Being disappointed Is worse than being angry... on God - PM:AM Recordings

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  • See Ozuna, Diddy, DJ Snake Go Space Clubbing in New ‘Eres Top’ Video - Rolling Stone

  • [email protected]_Pr lands on the planet of #nibiru with @djsnake and @Diddy in new #erestop video - billboard latin

  • DJ Snake “Taki Taki” Feat. Selena Gomez, Ozuna & Cardi B is #2 Billboard Year End Hot Latin Songs 2019 Cardi B is the only female rapper featured on this year end chart. - Truth B Told 🎶📝🖤

  • Ozuna Lands on the Planet of Nibiru With DJ Snake and Diddy in New 'Eres Top' Video: Watch - Jan Jansen Music

  • #nibiru is full of collaborations with artists such as hip-hop mogul ⁦@Diddy⁩, American rapper ⁦@SwaeLee⁩ and artists already known to ⁦@Ozuna_Pr⁩’s fan-base: DJ Snake, ⁦@sechmusic⁩, @DalexMusic, @NickyJamPR⁩. - NBC Latino

Baby 🐍

Baby 🐍...



NEW 🔥 with @ozuna & @diddy « Eres Top » OUT NOW

NEW 🔥 with @ozuna & @diddy « Eres Top » OUT NOW...






Thank You America 🇺🇸 Taki Taki Is now 3x Platinum

Thank You America 🇺🇸 Taki Taki Is now 3x Platinum...

Might delete, I don’t know yet

Might delete, I don’t know yet...

This life shit temporary but my music for eva

This life shit temporary but my music for eva...

Mind your business & stay out the mix.

Mind your business & stay out the mix....



Wherever Whenever Forever

Wherever Whenever Forever...