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  • Marx isn’t difficult to read or, in principle, even agree with. The problem is that it’s a pipe dream; it has zero traction in the real world, largely because it’s severely partisan. Society needs a solution for all its members to come together on. No takers for that so far. - Cliff Kast

  • i am so tired of nightmares can my dreams just be free of myformer workrplace? or can i actually get real world compensation of my nightmares lmao im hungry - Jasmine Marsh

  • When u heard "dream comes to reality", which one from these two comes to your head: 1. You, living in a dream just like living in your real word, or 2. Your dream crashing your real word, so anything happen'd in your dream affects u in real world - Adika | MAGIC ISLAND LOCKDOWN

  • It's weird getting some sort of attachment to people that don't exist in the real world. Or getting used to how physics work in a dream world. - DreeseTube (CEO of CEO of CEO)

  • Last night I had one of those dreams that felt like it went on for literal days. It was about an apocalyptic webcomic but it initiated an apocalypse in the real world, or something? Details fading too quickly already. I just know it was super vivid, and lengthy. - Simul ⸘

  • Real world or dream world? Isn't it time you woke up and had your breakfast? - Michael Bancroft

  • Are you living in the real world or have you just woken up from a crazy dream? Millions of families suffering "in work poverty" and having to work multiple jobs. Economy doing nothing. Deficit came from a world wide crash. NHS crippled - look at today's figures... - David Moy

  • Meanwhile in the real world most people can only dream of taking a 6 week break without losing their job or worrying about paying the bills Oh but they are royal so that's ok as the tax payers pay for all their privileges - Autumn Gold

  • Then the moves we try to make consciously in the dreams that don't come to pass or we are unable to must be made here where we can consciously make things happen so that we don't regret it when we wake up in the real world. My thoughts boss - Don El

  • Then, I've also noticed especially in Astronaut that there are object that appears out of nowhere. As is an external enemy was controlling this world and trying to lock them in this world or even invade the real world. Which makes me think of a French anime Code Lyoko (1/5) - Cha / 차

  • As if their mission were done. Exactly when they are on the road, but when they are on the road which seems to be the road that leads either to the real world or the virtual one they try to escape as if they don't want to go back - addiction (5/5) - Cha / 차

  • I want to live in a real world ,world of love and generosity or is it a dream #standwithkashmir - shuhul

  • + But, will the forces be ready to face the 'people' that had the similar power as Adam Kammon? Will the real world finally be real, or the dream is here to stay? (OVERVIEW END) - Hwaseul ╱ close order.

  • i’m gonna put this out there in case i end up being correct: the txt storyline is gonna be about one of them (soobin??) being able to take stuff out of his dreams to the real world and/or have some other weird dream related superpower - mika

  • Again. That's a nice utopian dream. In the ideal world, of course. In the real world, we have to find something to do about the children whose families can't or won't devote as much attention to bringing them up as they should. - Cara Pace

  • A trip to Jerusalem would be a blessing but since I live in the real world how about enough money to turn my van into a class B RV or buy one so I can travel Ok dream is over Alright a new pair of Pajamas why waste money I'm dieing anyway - Magalina A Masso

  • Bringing us together.. or a happy ending .. I just don’t think the youth can believe they can achieve that themselves in the real world anymore. And that is why I think the ideas of hope and dreams in games or movies like death stranding don’t exist anymore. - SKITTZ

  • Not so. Too often demands for equality are off putting. Been setting up equity for along time. For situations where equality will never be wanted, possible or required. Out of touch feminazis demanding equality and ignoring real world differences. - Bron

  • Way back to reality, but did they actually broke it accidentally or do they really want to go back to the real world? That is the question... They have lost themselves in a world they can control but for how long?(2/2) - Cha / 차

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  • #endego In the real world (as opposed to Trump’s dream, stealing Syrian oil wld be pointless, criminal, & propaganda windfall for our enemies. Also in the real world, no other state has the will & capability to fight ISIS. We can’t rely on Russia or Turkey. - Barbara Santana

  • @JimSterling @AngryJoeShow - Cepheus Talks

VivaVox Show Spring/Summer’20💥

VivaVox Show Spring/Summer’20💥...

Просто чудесный вторник👍, показ VivaVox spring/summer это прост

Просто чудесный вторник👍, показ VivaVox spring/summer это просто 💥💥💥 . Поклон @oleg_ovsiyov 🔥🔥 #fashion #vivavox #life #l...

A beautiful life begins with beautiful thoughts 🍂

A beautiful life begins with beautiful thoughts 🍂...

Собаке ни к чему дорогие машины, большие дома или дизай


Каждый день — чудо. А ведь так и есть, если принять во в

Каждый день — чудо. А ведь так и есть, если принять во внимание, каким огромным и насыщенным может с...

🌅 Никакая техника не может полностью ухватить то, что

🌅 Никакая техника не может полностью ухватить то, что создано природой. Мы можем зафиксировать ра...

Sunshine ☀️ #sun #life #love ♥️

Sunshine ☀️ #sun #life #love ♥️...

Маленький трубочист чист чист😂😂🤪

Маленький трубочист чист чист😂😂🤪...