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Who said what about Friday Patient?

  • PGH Division of Dermatology Para sa LIBRENG konsulta, pakisunod ang registration schedule: NEW Patients Monday-Friday 7:30-11am. FOLLOW UP Patients 7-9am and 12-1pm Mon-Fri except Wed - Dr. Winlove Mojica

  • I operated on my first 100 year old gentleman on Friday & sent him home yesterday.. he was an awesome patient & it was an honour and a privilege to look after him.. age is just a number and we have each day only once so let’s make the most of our days.. do laughs do loud do love - Shakir Mustafa

  • I sat on stage on a Friday to receive an award for my advocacy. The last person to receive this award was a dear friend. I say was because he lost his fight to ALS earlier this year. As I spoke it hit me that likely every patient who won this award in the past was now dead. - Brian Wallach

  • ALLAH knows what's in your heart so stay patient & be strong! Have a blessed Friday y'all - Sara R.

  • #patientycp Friday court room scene A1, A2 : sir sir please sir Judge: Be Patient A1, A2 : sir sir we are not Patients sir. - Janasainik

  • Had a focus group on Friday at work and this one lady was telling us about them. She said they are mostly for cancer patients who bleeds through the anus or gay men who also experience some bleeding. We learn every day guys! I’m glad men are accommodated as well. - Intombi_Yomzulu

  • On Friday I was handing over to my colleague on the ward and concentrating so hard on lip reading I didn’t hear the patients call bell goes off.... met by an angry relative only for me to apologize “I’m sorry I’m deaf” #deafnurseissues #wishthecallbellflashed - deafness Queen 👸

  • Oh, look. On the Friday before a long weekend, Jason Kenney has appointed the Executive Director of the UCP, Janice Harrington, as the Mental Health Patient Advocate, with a $150k salary. Harrington has no background in mental health. Same old Cons. #ableg - Gil McGowan

  • Family Friday every third week for friends of patients on Bestwood ward. Meet the staff, and hear about our unique philosophy. Home baked cakes and music. @HcopTeam @IdtNuh @EmmalouiseTyson @nuhpatientgroup - [email protected]

  • Join us for a Family Thanksgiving Luncheon on Friday, Nov. 22, in the main lobby of the NC Cancer Hospital! This event is free to #unc cancer patients & one guest. Two seatings, at 11:30 AM & 12:30 PM. Call 984-974-8100 or visit the Patient Resource Center for tickets. - UNC Medical Center

  • Historically, there have been fewer photos of skin conditions on darker-skinned patients. This dermatologist is working to change that. - Science Friday

  • Update: tomorrow i well be finishing up the last bit of twitch emote commissions that i owe. Also note! I am going to have a black Friday sale on commissions so i well be posting that soon ^^! Thank you to everyone who has been super patient with me! #twitchtv - jsweets

  • Love your neighbor as you would yourself. Be patient, kind hearted and sympathetic. You never know what someone may be going through but kindness doesn't cost you anything. Happy Friday! - Denise Smith

  • Magen David Adom paramedics who were called to treat a person in Tel Aviv on Friday evening found that while treating the patient, a swastika was sprayed in black paint over the Star of David on the ambulance. - NYC EMS Watch

  • Just submitted beta 2 to packix theming settings icons for malibu on beta 3 over 40 icons will be added and some docks. will push that update on friday thanks for being patient - DJ Flores

  • Yes since fridays he’s done 3 shows. New Amsterdam this week also did a cancer patient who turns to heroin. It’s pounded in the public’s ear non stop - MoogiemonsterC

  • Lmao I saw a patient fighting a porter on Friday - enigma

  • Next patient. #repotting #ponytailpalm #elefantenfuß #plants @ Bielefeld, Germany - Katharina Schulz

  • The day in a life of a PD nurse when it’s just you and another coworker on a Friday with ten billion patients coming in for a variety of issues - Oli🌞

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