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Long live PTI . Long live IK . We are together in the fight for justice to people of Pakistan . #fanclubik


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  • According to Articles 9 & 10 & 11 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights see below the pix.I demand from Pakistan goverment on the International Human Rights day to release human right activist Junaid Hafeez. It is time for @ImranKhanPTI to show the respect for Human rights - Imran Khan

  • Indeed we want entire possession of Sector E-12 ignored by @CDA_Islamabad through unjustified delay in development of said Stalled Sector E-12. @ImranKhanPTI @Asad_Umar @AliAwanPTI @ChairmanCda @ccislamabad @dcislamabad @hamzashafqaat @ICT_Police #develop_e12_isb - NAYA PAKISTAN

  • #قدرنبی_دانیازی_کی_جانے So discard from your heart the one who has no connection to the Prophet ﷺ Sacrifice your father, mother, family, wealth and life upon him, as he wills @ImranKhanPTI - Asia Rahman

  • PM Imran Khan inaugurates National Science and Technology Park #nbc Narrative Building Center PTI @ImranKhanPTI @peaceforchange @AhmadJawadBTH @fawadchaudhry @NabTheDentist @Ijazbhuttaa @farazrajpootpti @ImtiazButt79 - ATEEQ SHEIKH

  • Hence proved, no education of world can make you a Good, balanced, well mannered Human. Its only the Islamic Education that produces Great Peoples. Oxford uni fails Western education fails Western life style fails @ImranKhanPTI #قدرنبی_دانیازی_کی_جانے - M fiaz

  • #قدرنبی_دانیازی_کی_جانے Listen to this message and keep in your mind @ImranKhanPTI Dignity and honour of prophet ﷺ would be preferred over eveything and we are ready to sacrifice our eveything to protect it #قدرنبی_دانیازی_کی_جانے - Imtiaz Butt(Limited Edition)

  • Also hare a confused man name @ImranKhanPTI ! We are doing our main work of nation bulding with steel framework. #cab_factsvsdistortion - Labbaik Media

  • #قدرنبی_دانیازی_کی_جانے Did Captain forget his promise? You called aafia your younger sister Are brothers like this too? please @ImranKhanPTI fulfill your promise. - Asif

  • Yes the tea is till Now fantastic for Pakistani s - Kailash Chandra

  • Fix up your own terror land @ImranKhanPTI rather than poking nose everywhere. You have a penchant of assuming yourself as some Messiah for your uneducated hate frothing citizens. It's time you get cured of your hallucinations. - Suqlain Razvi

  • May ALLAH showers his blessings upon you @ImranKhanPTI #عمران_سچا_عاشق_رسول - Parameswaran vishnukarthik

  • #nostudentunions this was done by unions with @ImranKhanPTI @Asad_Umar @fawadchaudhry @MuradSaeedPTI @zartajgulwazir @PTIPunjabPK @PakPMO . I lost 1 year of my college due to unions boycotted exams @2001.Colleges were sealed in whole [email protected] @zaraali2k18 - शिवांगिनी पाठक।

  • Today again welcome Action energetic @dcislamabad Sahib hopefully we'll see same action in Sub-sectors E-12/1 & E-12/4, without further delay Insha Allah. #develop_e12_isb @ImranKhanPTI @Asad_Umar @ChairmanCda @AliAwanPTI @ICT_Police - Aaye Gul

  • If Niazi knows how to respect Hindus, sikhs, jews & christians. Then he must know how to respect his very own Deen and Prophet. He has become a Shame for whole Muslim Ummah. Damn on him. @ImranKhanPTI #قدرنبی_دانیازی_کی_جانے - muhammed

  • India Must Stop Human Rights Violations In Occupied Kashmir. #humanrightday - ATEEQ SHEIKH

  • @ImranKhanPTI read this... You illiterate, learn about Islam, before you start talking about Islam... We can't tolerate your this act, You will have to resign from the post of PM.... #قدرنبی_دانیازی_کی_جانے - Labbaik Media

  • @ImranKhanPTI what you said was right what expected way to do this would be a great opportunity to open up. - Engr.AFTAB AFRIDI 🌐

  • Once again @ImranKhanPTI Play with our Faith Where are Ashiq Rasool now? Why they don't raise their voice ? Where is mula Tariq jameel - Najaf Siddiqui

  • What is the irony that you can become an Islamic country and give hellish life to all except Muslims?We have not become a Hindu nation even though we are Hindus?If Modi turned back and started replying, did he become fascist Modi? Do all the world's doors open to us? All united! - Adnan Arshad

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  • We strongly condemn Indian Lok Sabha citizenship legislation which violates all norms of int human rights law & bilateral agreements with Pak. It is part of the RSS "Hindu Rashtra" design of expansionism propagated by the fascist Modi Govt. - Imran Khan

  • China is yet again using predatory economics and targeted investments to exploit the poor and vulnerable. Trafficking little girls into marriage is a modern day form of slavery. @ImranKhanPTI – 629 innocent Pakistani lives are at stake. Follow through. - Joni Ernst

  • Just as you condemned India on Human Rights Day >> US blacklists Rao Anwar for 'Serious Human Rights Abuse' through fake police encounters. - Being_Honest

  • This is Pakistan @ImranKhanPTI please see for yourself. The world knows it now. - Siddhartha Guha Sircar

  • Algerian court convicts 2 former prime ministers for corruption - Sufi

  • “The fundamental challenge in bringing change is that those who are benefiting the most from the dysfunctional economy and stand to lose the most from change would fight every attempt at reform." @ImranKhanPTI @a_hafeezshaikh @DRezaBaqir @StateBank_Pak - Cashmere

  • Isn't that why ISI backed Modi as India's PM? The destruction of India was undoubtedly the objective. - Geet V

  • 7 Pak Generals teamed up with SC chief justice to block Qamar Javed Bajwa's extension - The Economic Times - Javad Chohan

  • Gift of Naya Pakistan as Inflation surges to nine-year high #pricehike @PTIofficial @ImranKhanPTI - Mubashir Zaidi

  • Yesterday's news ... - Jungli Gentleman

  • Building on @Jaferii piece above, diplomat Ashraf J Qazi calls for a ‘comprehensive national transformation of Pakistan’ to make a ‘credible’ case for Kashmir. Systematically New & Good! @OfficialDGISPR @ImranKhanPTI , @MirzaWaheed @ejazhaider @mazdaki - The Curator

  • PM Khan Is and Should Always Proudly Support Pak Armed Forces, they r our Brothers and Sisters serving Our Country. Proudof U @ImranKhanPTI - Muhammad N Ahsan

  • FDI, PSX, exports, remittances & tax net all showing upward trend. Now shall we move onto reducing inflation? Bcos I believe the economic policies of PTI govt won't be appreciated at grass root levels until the commoners don't get the [email protected] - asif.

  • Congratulations to #pakistan on the up-grading of status from 'negative' to 'stable' by Moody's. Hopefully, it'll decrease external vulnerability risks and will help Pakistan in long term growth. @ImranKhanPTI @a_hafeezshaikh - Bernhard Schlagheck

  • Recently, I ran an experiment. I asked my team to file 3 complaints on the PM's @ImranKhanPTI much talked-about Citizen’s Portal App. The idea was to assess its effectiveness Please read my article in @etribune on what happened to my complaints. - Hasaan Khawar

  • While India is failing on all fronts, things are looking up for Pakistan... @ImranKhanPTI @PTIofficial @MichaelKugelman - carin jodha fischer

  • #imrankhanpti - freesppech, fierce Sarcasum , never rude !

  • A man is known by the company he keeps....another U-Turn by @ImranKhanPTI Punjab govt reinstates Chohan as information minister - mo