Who said what about Jason Ober?

  • Let's get you in contact with our support team. Send them a message at - Samsung Mobile US

  • Hi Jason - Can you please confirm you have a 401(k) plan with us and provide your phone number so we can give you a call? Thank you. - John Hancock

  • Hi Jason, we’re sorry you are unhappy with your experience speaking to one of our agents. If you would like to discuss further, please send us a private message including the John Hancock product you have with us, your policy number and your contact information. Thank you. - John Hancock

  • Hey there, help's here. Can you let us know the OS and Spotify version you're using? We'll see what we can suggest /GP - SpotifyCares

  • Hi Jason, that model TV would support 1080p. So not sure why it would be indicating the resolution not supported. If you are noticing similar behavior with another TV now we would advise touching base with Sony to see if they may have some suggestions you can try. - W. - VIZIO Support

  • Great! Glad to hear it's working. Just let us know if we can help with anything else. - SpotifyCares

  • Hey Jason, thanks for reaching out. If there are certain songs you love from any mixed Spotify-curated playlist, you can click on the artist's name, find the full version of the song on their profile, and create a playlist of your favorite tracks. We hope that helps /CN - SpotifyCares

  • Hi, Jason. Thanks for reaching out, and apologies for the delay. Please send a DM, and we'll continue there. ^Jay - Samsung Support USA

  • Thanks for contacting us. We understand you are having trouble activating your device, and we are here to help! Can you please DM us with your name and email so we can further assist you? RR - SHOWTIME SUPPORT

  • Thanks man! Just listened to yours too!! Has anyone ever told you that you could totally sound like John Mulaney? :) - Kevin Andrew Rivera

  • @jasonober Thanks, bud! How you doing? - User Defenders:

  • Hey Jason. Were any further return options avaialble to you via your account? ^TP - Amazon Help

  • Sneaky no, tasty yes! Do you agree @jasonober? - Hannah Foods ®

  • We hear you loud and clear! Rest assured, we're passing your feedback on to the right team. For anything else, just give us a shout and we'll come running /CS - SpotifyCares

  • Dad of 1 here. Don't know how/if I could manage 3! - Mike Sigsworth

  • Got it. Does logging out > restarting the device > logging back in help? Keep us posted /GX - SpotifyCares

  • Hi Jason, and thanks for making us aware of this. Just to clarify, is the item you are trying to return originally shipped and sold by Amazon, or was it purchased from a Third-Party Seller? You can find that information here: - Amazon Help

  • Sorry about that, it sounds like the software is either being blocked from downloading or running. If you have Chrome installed you can join directly through - GoTo

  • Could it be your cables? - Jacob Saylor

This is what Gavin insisted Courtney got me for my birthday. #dying

This is what Gavin insisted Courtney got me for my birthday. #dying...


Bathing beauty.

Bathing beauty....

Ha! Good ol Q101

Ha! Good ol Q101...

By far the best level design ever. Seriously. #monumentvalleygame http://us2.co/mvgm

By far the best level design ever. Seriously. #monumentvalleygame http://us2.co/mvgm...