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Director & Photographer | Toronto #worldisinourhands Co-founder @unep & @lgbtq advocate


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  • Click on this photo please. Reduce, reuse & recycle, These simple actions have power in numbers- we CAN make a difference in the fight against climate change. Take action with me, the @UN & @UNEnvironment photo @justinwu #actnow #worldisinourhands. - Sam Neill

  • Shot by @justinwu for @lapalmemagazine. - Anand Desai-Barochia

  • You always want what you cant have #justinwu - Madison

  • "Perdido em Paris @justinwu" -Hunter via Instagram!!! (hunterrowland) - Conexão Rowland BR

  • That’s a hard no..... - Jeaux

  • PROM READY @_justinwu - sensei sunbae ☾

  • Fewer cars on the road means less traffic & lower carbon emissions. Choose more walking, cycling or public transportation to contribute to #cleanenergy & the environment. Lets take action with @UN & @UNEnvironment! Photo by @justinwu #actnow #worldisinourhands - Achim Steiner

  • What a shot! justinwu Via @JadeHassoune - Shadowhunters Updates

  • | @kearagraves via @/justinwu Instagram - Keara Graves Updates

  • With #justinwu #chicofamily - Chico_Lachowski

  • I AM IN LOVE WITH THE NEW FACEBOOK APP lol sry @_justinwu - sensei sunbae ☾

  • Feeling so fancy at #jenfredwed2015 thank u for this dress badgleymischka & thanks justinwu for the… - jana williams

  • #growthhacker one who’s gone past the place you go when you think outside the box @justinwu - Musolé •Marketing Guy•

  • Cracking up bc of google docs convo rn @carrrrmel #justinwu - zaizah

  • #branding How to stay #relevant through #consistent #content by #justinwu @hackapreneur - PrivateCommunication

  • @JustinWu of BNEF points to international renewable opps in MX, India, AU, and soon after Korea and Taiwan #vergecon - Marty spitzer

  • The #worldisinourhands and I challenge you to #actnow with me, the @UN, and @UNEnvironment by adopting sustainable fashion practises in your daily life. (Photo taken by #justinwu at the @FairmontRYH in Toronto. Blouse thrifted from @CommonSort!) - Natasha Negovanlis

  • Great pic @ANANDDB ! Smooches and thangs - Dawn Ducky Hillyer

  • walked around campus at night and these sprinklers went off and spooked the heck out of me and @_justinwu - pooter

La bohème. @jouubellini

La bohème. @jouubellini...

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In my own reverie. @francescomu...

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I've got you under my skin. @corentinhuard 🥀...

Trick or treat. 🔪 @caseydeidrick . What did you dress up as for Halloween? 👻💀 ⠀⠀⠀⠀

Trick or treat. 🔪 @caseydeidrick . What did you dress up as for Halloween? 👻💀 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Special thanks to @neondemonstudio & @jonsimo for the space and l...