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  • Fun Fact : JYP Entertainment is the only company who have all their Girl Groups won the ROTY award in MAMA. 2007 : Wonder Girls 2010 : Miss A 2015 : TWICE 2019 : ITZY - TWICE Facts

  • stays are breaking into the jyp entertainment building to steal: - we go (3RACHA) - wow (lee know, hyunjin, felix) - my universe (i.n, changbin, seungmin) - i am you (3RACHA demo ver.) - clé: levanter (woojin ver.) - den // HANGYUL DAY

  • bts jungkook gc rt like kpop concert tickets fancam boygroup girlgroup bg gg taehyung exo seventeen blackpink lisa thread video tea cancelled groupchat stray kids stream views jimin joshua sm yg jyp entertainment idol mama 2019 soty roty aoty aloty - ✯

  • Update: GOT7 Confirmed To Leave JYP Entertainment - Soompi

  • JYP Entertainment has officially confirmed that TWICE'S Minayeon Congratulations #minayeon - evelina

  • #baekayeon Announces Decision To Join Eden Entertainment After Leaving JYP Entertainment - นิชคุณ Buck หรเวชกุล

  • TWICE • Debuted in 2015 • 9 members • Under JYP Entertainment - JYPnation

  • Mamamoo practiced their collab stage with JYP at JYP entertainment and JYP treat them to Organic ice cream - Soompi

  • ladies, if your man: - doesn’t text you back - doesn’t answer your calls - spends his saturday night doing bicep curls - cancels your plans to top up his botox - refuses to wear trousers that aren’t see-through that’s not your man, that’s jyp entertainment ceo park jinyoung - Min Laura 민 로라

  • BIGHIT Entertainment and JYP Entertainment have officially confirmed that BTS Taehyung and TWICE Dahyun! Congratulations! - [ㅌㅂ/TV] 월성앤터🎦

  • companies to burn list: ——————— yg entertainment starship entertainment sm entertainment cube entertainment jyp entertainment mld entertainment [NEW] - ᴵ ʷᵃⁿᵗ ᵈᶦᵉ

  • JYP Entertainment has officially confirmed that GOT7's comeback is today 2019.11.30! Congratulations @GOT7Official - min

  • Stray Kids is a group from JYP Entertainment that debuted on the 25th of March of 2018. The group consists of 8 members and 1 former member who writes and composes their music (mainly 3RACHA) - ✰ ◌༉‧ㅣ𝚌𝚒𝚎𝚛𝚛𝚊 𝚒𝚜 𝚜𝚎𝚎𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚜𝚟𝚝

  • K-Ahgases are taking action on JYPE Fan’s to bring attention to the many shortcomings GOT7 have suffered from JYP Entertainment. Please go to - 네시 💜

  • Singer Baek A Yeon shares through Instagram that she has joined Eden Entertainment Baek A Yeon left JYP Entertainment this September following her contract expiration - jada ♡

  • This bottle is managed by JYP Entertainment - GOT7 Comeback Thread

  • Bonjour, I'm Hwang Yeji Member of ITZY from JYP Entertainment 2000. I want to be a part of #restofama can you verify me? @RESTOxGENCY - 파룬

  • THIS JUST IN!! JYP Entertainment has stated that momo! - June Hizole 🐷

  • OMG.DAEBAK!!! ON MONDAY WE GET TO SEE JYP ENTERTAINMENT!!!!!! ON SOLARSIDO!!!!!!!! OMGGGG LIKELY ABOUT THE MAMA COLLAB!! #mamamoo #마마무 #solar #솔라 #solarsido #솔라시도 - YJ.

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  • #baekayeon Announces Decision To Join Eden Entertainment After Leaving JYP Entertainment - Soompi

  • #baekayeon anuncia decisión de unirse a Eden Entertainment después de dejar #jypentertainment - Soompi Spanish

  • Hey Tamar, not sure if you’ve written on this but JYP is known to *not* abuse employees. Are there more moral ways to enjoy Kpop? Eg: support JYP but not DSP Media? An interview with a JYP artist vs some other would help. The audience has a responsibility: - Brett Hall

<JYP 연습생 공채 16기 오디션 안내> 안녕하세요, JYP Entertainment 신인개발팀입

안녕하세요, JYP Entertainment 신인개발팀입니다. 수많은 스타들을 배출한 JYP 연습생 공채 16기 오디션이 ...

M2 X GENIE MUSIC AWARDS #JYPnation 과 함께해주신 모든 팬분들께 진심으로 감사드립

M2 X GENIE MUSIC AWARDS #jypnation 과 함께해주신 모든 팬분들께 진심으로 감사드립니다! 🏆THE BAND #day6 #데이식스 #myday #마이데이 🏆THE BEST SELLI...

. 2PM 공식 팬클럽 HOTTEST 7기 추가 모집 (2019) 2PM Official Fan Club HOTTEST 7th Generatio

. 2PM 공식 팬클럽 HOTTEST 7기 추가 모집 (2019) 2PM Official Fan Club HOTTEST 7th Generation Additional Recruitment (2019) 2019.8.1 - 2019.8.31 Coming soon! #2pm #투피...

Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) INTRO <Clé 2 : Yellow Wood> Teaser Video ⠀⠀ 2019.06.13 12PM INT


Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) STAY 1ST OFFICIAL FANSHIP KIT PREVIEW ⠀⠀ - 가입 기간: ~ 2019


준호 콘서트 <JUNHO THE BEST IN SEOUL> 마지막날, 공연장까지 응원하러 온 2PM 찬성


<JYP 연습생 공채 15기 오디션 본선 진출자 투표 및 본선 무대 관람 안내> 안


⠀⠀ [ #190103_DAY6 ]⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ 📺오늘 #엠카운트다운 600회 특집에 ⠀⠀⠀⠀