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17 years old 🌸💕 Semi Realism Art🎨 Dm For Ideas To Draw


Who said what about Hanna?

  • started out as a doodle and ended up here… i had a lot of fun with this! i was just kinda sketching from a screencap of the gg power hour video and it turned into this but im super happy with it - 🔆A N N A🔆

  • Went into a gun kinda sketching mood this night. - J-Bits (ジョセフ)

  • I’m depressed and just kinda sketching on autopilot but man I love my FE OCs. I really wanna write out their story but I’m a shitty writer - Trans Galo Indulgence @ Commissions and Finals

  • Smh first time kinda sketching I guess and also the first time I've drawn for fun in a very long time; spent 25 min on this - jamie

  • Why must the wind be blowing so hard tonight, it's kinda sketching me out. - Destiny ♡

  • @emyraldshea @jocelyngon_15 kinda sketching me out - Pot Roast

  • I drew this I hope you like itits not a very serious drawing lol I was just kinda sketching @GraysonDolan @EthanDolan Ilysm - K🌸

  • Welp. I'm kinda sketching stuff nao qwq - Nixensibrat

  • @KindaTV_ So I am kinda sketching @vmorganisdead P.S. I named the file V Morgan Is Sketched. - Ala

  • Just kinda sketching my XIV character - Kort

  • Hi I'm kinda sketching here, because I have nothing else to do - Fjora

  • Sorry, what do you mean by searching lines? Where you cast the pen back and forth in a kinda sketching motion? - 𝙋𝙊𝙆𝙆𝙀𝙏

  • Too many people have been getting shot and killed lately it's kinda sketching me out - Duran

  • i'm kinda sketching some random animation who wants to see a rough wip.. - kisshy / qadir ☆ lso

  • Kinda sketching me out that this lyft is watching tv while driving.. But O well - katy

  • I don't know why, but I'm kinda sketching about tomorrow :/ - Ryan

  • the fact that you can unsend a message on IG is kinda sketching me out - ya girl zoë

  • Kinda sketching out about turning 18... Can I be like 9 again.... - Caitlin Brown

  • There has been a lot of car accidents and destruction in Pinellas County lately and it's kinda sketching me out - Dar

First drawing of the school year! . . . . . . . . Made u look

First drawing of the school year! . . . . . . . . Made u look...