Who said what about Kylie ✨?

  • snow bunny / @KylieJenner - 𝑎𝑛𝑔𝑒𝑙

  • took my bitch to the snow - Kylie Jenner

  • Gonna tell my kids this was Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott. - Sardard

  • our pink tree at the @kyliecosmetics office - Kylie Jenner

  • the fact that the Kardashians are multi-millionaires and Kylie Jenner is a billionaire yet nobody made the effort to go to Australia to greet her when she came out after achieving something amazing makes me so angry #imaceleb - 𝕽ach

  • last chance to get $10 shimmer eye glaze at - Kylie Jenner

  • this is so cute - KYLIE COSMETICS

  • they look like kylie jenner's dog - Kylie Jenner

  • hope this next decade is a mess for: @KTHopkins @realDonaldTrump @iamcardib @/rihanna's music @KylieJenner @camilacabello @shawnmendes @vox_es @/racists @/xenophobes @/homophobes @/etc - ٰ

  • RT for Kylie Jenner LIKE for Dua Lipa - daysii

  • “Kylie Jenner took a shit” Everyone: IDJSHUXJWHFJSJWUDUS):$-$:$2$:)6/727;7283838/!:!2hdqbhd “War crimes are being committed against Palestinians” Everyone: - Thashaun

  • Starting to plan Stormi’s 2nd bday .. it’s gonna be insane i can’t wait - DAILY CELEBZ

  • Went to Ulta and I had to pick up some @KylieJenner makeup the packaging is so cutee! @kyliecosmetics - 💀 mozaza🇪🇬

  • Day 3 of my 12 Days of Christmas! Get my ultimate face duo for $38 (a $48 value) - for 24 hours only! - Kylie Jenner

  • The @KimKardashian @KylieJenner perfume is literally the best smelling perfume EVER #sogood - mayela 🦋

  • My niece says celebrate with ice cream - Kylie Jenner

  • Kylie Jenner will release or appear in a song. - Elise Paulzak

  • No support for Caitlin Jenner at the end there was so sad. Dead on @KendallJenner @KylieJenner hope this goes viral and they see this - Alicia

  • Astro Observations People with Neptune 1H can be seen as dumb or ditzy even if it’s not true. E.g. Marilyn Monroe, Kim K, Kylie Jenner, Ariana Grande - 2020 Predictions

Kylie ✨'s News

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  • People are starving around the world and people justify spending all that money on security. How much security do these luceferians need.?- Caitlyn Jenner Estimates Daughter Kylie Jenner Spends 'Anywhere Between $300,000 and $400,000 a Month'... - StaceyLiamLove👽

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  • The Bloomberg 50: @KylieJenner is the world's youngest—and Gen Z's first—billionaire entrepreneur - Businessweek

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cozy season 🖤

cozy season 🖤...

I can’t handle this 😫😍❄️🏂

I can’t handle this 😫😍❄️🏂...

storm’s first snow trip ⚡️🌨

storm’s first snow trip ⚡️🌨...

baby it’s cold outside

baby it’s cold outside...

Cheers 🥂 white or red wine?

Cheers 🥂 white or red wine?...

Elsa who?

Elsa who?...



took my bitch to the snow ⛄️

took my bitch to the snow ⛄️...

you guys know I love reading your @kylieskin reviews! 💕 makes me so happy to see how much you lov

you guys know I love reading your @kylieskin reviews! 💕 makes me so happy to see how much you love these products! 💗...



swipe for cuteness ☺️👼🏽👼🏽

swipe for cuteness ☺️👼🏽👼🏽...

throwback bts of my Holiday Collection shoot 💗

throwback bts of my Holiday Collection shoot 💗...