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Who said what about Status_videos?

  • Happy weekend Rosanda and all. Missed this beautiful edit last night. I'll never understand the logi: why Twitter shows tweets from the same thread at different time Have a lovely day my dear - Elena Fadeeva

  • Yeah, unfortunately instagram doesn't have an edit option so I thought I'd kick it up a notch. As far as humour goes, it's subjective. Personally I'm not too fond of that meme either, but you seem to be taking it a little to serious. - Zilhad Šaćirović

  • This Logi trackball saved my wrist and shoulder. Mac compatible. Can't recommend enough. - dana_edits

  • @Bigmoist_logi teach me how to edit rn I’m tryna make a gaming montage - Andy

  • What are you upto girl!?? Your last edit was enough to give us a heart attack. A b bachon ki jan logi kya - 🙆🏻

  • logi edit of my last comm becasue - Loki_Bagel

  • “Logi your edits are sick” - Logi

  • @MTVIndia What ????? BTW We Want Episodes On YouTube Aap Logi App Upload Kardi Buttt We Can't Make Edits On KYY - hello

  • @Secret_Milan can you give me feedback on these? My new binds is: Edit - E // before F Floor - F // before MB6 Crouch - left shift// before E DPI - 800 // before 400 New mouse UL2 // before Logi G502 - 🎅 aasxn

  • Ew you really ended up being one of those multis who only shits on bts. Calling ss of toxic exols edits? Yall lov… — i didn’t know that i was 15 again. i don’t shit on bts you clown. i call out army’s who are immature. those wer… - logan ♡ mingi

  • im so bored i just edit mario kart gameplay and add logi music - n

  • ton logi de edit? (@NeverMvm live on - Raphael

  • To edit my logo in illustrator by czgtechlogo: I have trademarked logo and own all copyrights. My logi is in l... - Miraslow Team

  • : Phpld Problem - I need help I use phpld 4 scripts for my site and i can edit descrion of my link when i logi... - Ray Taisuuke

  • Logi G502 thumb button makes for a solid edit button imo - Bugs x Bunni

  • just so everyone knows, i don’t hate nor dislike bts. i stan them, bias seokjin, and love them all seven to death. they’re a great bunch of people. i dislike the army’s that lie about people and make them look bad. for example, those edits were fucking fake. come @ me idc. - logan ♡ mingi

  • @DarthAdept lol you talking about logi's thing - Phobic

  • i didnt know u edit - Logi XO

  • Siz kaabot ka ng 600+? Owao.. mag crdts ka naman aa nag edit o maawa kanaman ;( logi na picsart ngayun.. @.. wag na nga pala. - Autumn

தம்பி நல்லா point-ஆ பேசுறாப்டி! 😍😂 Follow me @logi_e

தம்பி நல்லா point-ஆ பேசுறாப்டி! 😍😂 Follow me @logi_edits #logi_edits Keep Support🙏 🎧Use Headphones Best Quality🎧#tamilloves...

என் கர்வம் அழிந்ததடி..❤️miss you dr💞💔 Follow me @logi_

என் கர்வம் அழிந்ததடி..❤️miss you dr💞💔 Follow me @logi_edits #logi_edits Keep Support❤️ 🎧Use Headphones Best Quality🎧#tamillo...