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Lud Zbunjen Normalan Scene

Smešne scene iz serije Lud Zbunjen Normalan Trudim se,nadam se da ću dobiti vašu podršku Svakog dana 2 objave! #ludzbunjennormalan #ludzbunjen #lzn


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  • when i think of the punk scene i think of that zine no gods no mattresses and how fucking great it was... also oakland friends. DUDE THIS IS OLD LORE REMEMBER. - eris

  • “@KaRoL_LzN: @JOSHMYER5 @rifky_fauzean @TheScottAdkins Great fighter scenes , Adkins & Myers, I love this film ” thanks - Josh Myers.

  • the fact that she got out of the scene shows that it was only a lifestyle for her. others never stop self-harming or using drugs because it fills something they need psychologically. its not just a spectre haunting an otherwise good community - Junk

  • I just spent a lot of time trying to think of ways I could be misconstruing it, but the core of her argument and follow up is that the punk scene is peoples gateway to hard drugs, binge drinking, violence... no speculation on they're the only way to cope for some - Junk

  • you know who you are, ayaw mo pagmake ug scene again diris twitter, so immature lol - Nikki Lozano

  • i mean.. i have a drug scene that is just a drug scene and some of my fav ppl ever are there, i love them. some of them sober now, but it's how they met. i love the internet. so god ya I'm glad yure here to be like don't blame punk for life hurting & doing drugs abt it - eris

  • @TheScottAdkins @JOSHMYER5 GreenStreet3 Never Back Down I love this great film!The fight scenes R really spectacular - Boyka4

  • ahhhhhh this scene, gold!!!!!! - Nikki Lozano

  • Get you drinks food and maybe sure you’re having a good time lol I feel like that’s helpful even though it’s behind the scenes - Mercedes Lorenzano

  • @TheScottAdkins Great fight scenes of our great hero Scott adkins, thanks for make this video @_Onufrius_ - Boyka4


  • DBAAAAAAAA watch ka gud asntm nekke mayghad kadaming scenes na kamuka kayo - Justine Luna

  • Haaaaaaaay can’t get enough of lunch scene hahahahahahahahahahhaah - Nikki Lozano

  • Najbolje scene serije LZN : - Cinema World

  • Upravo dva lika setaju starim gradom u Splitu i prepricavaju scene iz LZN pa se kidaju od smijeha. Idem iza njih i placem. Glumim da citam na mobu da ne ispadnem bas nekulturna @moamerkasumovic bi bio tako ponosan da ih cuje - Irma Antonia Plavcic

  • I liked a @YouTube video - ROBG_imperi0n

  • huuuy naay sex scene tas naa si mama. awkwaaaaard HAHAHAHA - Nikki Lozano

  • Nije, random scene LZN na Novoj. Ali dobro si me podsjetio, morat ću i tu pogledati. - Adrian

  • Cette scène #dragonballsuper - GoKHaN