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  • Sunday breakfast was outsourced to street vendors. A South Indian old hand with his foodcart on a cycle and a young enterprising Maharashtrian girl with her new sidewalk startup. Both doing brisk business. Good taste, hygiene & freshness is the only mantra for success in food biz - Amit Mehra

  • Maharashtrian girls are beautiful. Modern, hep, yet culturally rooted. (Disclaimer : It doesn't mean that other states' girls aren't). - THE SKIN DOCTOR

  • Life was like a dry spell in scorching heat ..u came ..n den it meet GAURAVI smart, simple yet strong! A Well educated working girl frm an emancipated middle class Maharashtrian family she holds her own ...meet her on 25 April Woh alag the, fir bhi kitne same the! @altbalaji - Ekta Kapoor

  • She Looks Damn Beautiful In This Scene @shrutihaasan In This Maharashtrian Look From GIB Dream Girl For Every Boy #4yearsofgabbarisback - Bhushan Khiladi

  • I had such an amazing time with @kritisanon she shared lots of things about portraying Maharashtrian character of Parvati Bai, happy to see her as Maharashtrian girl, best wishes for #panipattrailerpreview #panipattrailer #panipatlook #panipatmovie - PRERANA JOURNALIST

  • Only a Maharashtrian can bring both North and South Indian food on the same plate. - idk some girl

  • Maharashtrian girls don't say " but I thought we are just good Friends " they say " थोबाड बघितलंय का आरश्यात " @tmtofficial__ @MaharashtriansM - Mumbaicha engineer

  • Saint Sakhu's Devotion & Lord's act of kindness . Long back in a Maharashtrian village there lived a girl named Sakhu, she was an ardent devotee of Sri Vitthal.  She lead a hard life, being ill-treated by her… - Indian Antique Quest

  • Our friend's friend (girl)who is belong to Maharashtrian Hindu family has converted as Christian. She's father has been paralysed.. So she hadn't sufficient money to treatment hers father.. Christian missionaries paid money to her father and told to be converted. - Atul Pasale

  • I just discovered Shreyas after 7 years in Pune !.. Krishna dining has been my go to Maharashtrian thali place all this while. - Never Ever Girl

  • Someone: Self defense jaanti ho?? Maharashtrian Girl: - Struggler._.one4

  • Every Maharashtrian girl's typical dream is just want a man who will sing for her: gomu sangati nah majhya tu yeshil ka..just bcs she want to reply with Arrr sangati nah tujhya mee yenar nahi #typicalmarathithings - Rewatii..

  • #typicalmarathithings Every non maharashtrian keeps calling भाऊ to marathi friend,even girls do that then we have to explain Bhau nako mhanus! - Harshad kale

  • Thanks @phir_aaya_mai Height: 159 Shoe size: 6 Zodiac: Virgo Tattoos: Coming soon Piercing: 1 Favorite color: Black, Blue Favorite food: Seafood & Maharashtrian Food @biharigurl @khemka_mk @nidhi_agwl @lohewaliladki @Mysterious_Leo5 @Leader_Modi - Uptown Girl 😍

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  • Most Maharashtrian girls look like Sharad Pawar.. - Crimson Sentry

  • Haha.. Ho naa.. Maharashtrian ch ahe ti... Ekdam typical menu asnar - Uptown Girl 😍

  • But still Maharashtrian girls in Saree >>>>>>> Any other Indian girl in saree.. M - Indu Sarabhai ઈંદુ સારાભાઈ

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  • “Indian girl dressed as goddess Laxmi in 'Gudi Padwa,' or Maharashtrian New Year parade” - Paul Stewart

  • #pune girl sets new record—skydiving in #maharashtrian sari! - The Tribune

  • Record! Pune girl skydives at height of 13,000 feet in Maharashtrian saree - Awadhesh pathak