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Who said what about Mallu Today©️?

  • @Fraud_Mallu today is Mohan Lal's birthday. Let's make the man trend :) - Numbyaar

  • @Its_Me_Reeba Reeba: Mallu today my treat innu lunch ennnodothu Mallu: Ok - പോക്കിരി👊രാമൻ

  • Happy Onam. I feel so mallu today :) - Steffy Paul

  • And quisramel is all mallu today. HappyOnam yo! - David of things

  • Lunching Mallu today! - Manu Srikumar

  • Everyone wants to be a mallu today! Happy Vishu, to all my malfambam. - Ragini Das

  • @Special_me_R @RanbirsAarushi kya ? Don't smile , I will make Khichdi of Mallu Today he he :D - 😎

  • @DaConfused @PopeKaun @YogeshDiddee I love how you are such an adorable mallu. Today! In related news, is aunty making something today? - Protima Tiwary

  • I'm a complete mallu today ! - Deen

  • @mtkumbar Where are you mallu today duty day are night. are you Happy in Civil Police Duty..........? - srinivasaHR

  • Issued in public interest: Today is not Vishu. Don’t wish a mallu today if you want to remain friends. - Siva S

  • @fraud_mallu today was gud day . . . Ninko? - remia

  • @mintaww Yo pumpkin feeling too mooch Mallu today aaj toh tu loot gayi Coz blackcurrents likes the Mallu ;p - Rockʞstar Rosario ツ

  • :-) U r d second mallu today to bemoan to me about d default Left Mode of other Mallus.But when I see ppl like @Kuvalayamala,I regain hope - Sai Deepak J

  • anyways i’m seeing mallu today i’m happy - ㅤkarlie

  • Told you not to sit on a electric fencing ... you never listen to me :P RT @Fraud_Mallu Today is SHOCKER day ! - kaveer rai ☂

  • @aminah_ahmed not even the slightest -.- ohh god felt sorry on mallu today pahaha ;LL xxx - Nadiyah K

  • Feeling very Mallu today. IDKW. - Maryann Taylor

  • I'm seeing Mallu today so it's a good day :'''') - alexis joy ✨🌈 (they/them)