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Who said what about Mohsin Abbas Haider?

  • Not that you shouldn't have believed her in the first place. More: - Images

  • It is so disgusting to see people like Nauman Ijaz, Humayun Saeed, Abrar-ul-Haq, Nausheen Shah etc. supporting #mohsinabbashaider Apologists say, "career barbaad kar diya and shit." I really wish we lived in a society where a woman's allegations could actually ruin men's career. - Ayesha

  • Hi bro today i feel really sad becaz some month ago fatima ex wife of mohsin bahi accused and i support her blindly and after watching her *ex vedios i feel really sad for mohsin bahi #mohsinabbashaider - TaimOOr

  • Leaked Video of Mohsin Abbas Wife Mohsin Abbas Ex Wife Fatima Sohail's leaked Video Fatima Sohail Mohsin Abbas #fatimasohail #mohsinabbashaider #mohsinabbas - Ahson Memon PMLN

  • #fatimasohail video goes viral #mohsinabbashaider - Showbiz Pakistan

  • I hate these people who helped #mohsinabbashaider to comeback - Peoplesofpakistan

  • Saw a post earlier regarding #mohsinabbashaider 's wife cheating on him. Yeh bhi nhi bacha iska bhi kat dia bhai. - Alwaz Shahid

  • Someone says the girl in video is not #mohsinabbashaider wife. It's a software made etc...I think we all should buy this tool rather then watching porn online because it's very realistic... - Arsalan Liaqat

  • So people what do you say about #mohsinabbashaider now,, Women are filth.... he did what he had to do when he found out about his wife’s doing with ijaz (if i am not wrong). Women use their weakness by crying infront of people and maligning men - AZ

  • What a come back by both of them. Time is the best healer #mohsinabbashaider #fatimasohail - ⭐informistan_⭐ 🇵🇰

  • Woman: #mohsinabbashaider is such a disgusting man hitting his wife and putting his hand on Quran.. Etc After the Fiasco (Leaked video) Woman: Shame on everyone, how can someone leak such a video. It's her choice whoever she... Doesn't justify anything.. Me: Achaaw - blocked - HasSaan Yousafzai

  • To all those who blindly accept allegations made by a women on men #mohsinabbashaider case is a test case... What is the standing of you human right activist after watching her wife video? Shame on you Aurat ka makar is the best - Arsalan Liaqat

  • For all those feminists who are blaming #mohsinabbashaider on his wife conspiracy finally came to end after viral video of that masoom lady who herself recording and picturing video with his love bae. - غیر سیاسی آدمی

  • Iski harkaat btaati hyn kitni naik or pakeeza thi. An applause for those who say men are trash.. Bibi what you are doing every society has a bad side and this woman represent that bad side boldly... #fatimasohail #mohsinabbashaider - Ashley.🖤

  • The singer is releasing a new single and #patari is promoting it. #mohsinabbashaider #thecurrent - The Current

  • #mohsinabbashaider #fatimasohail #rabipirzada So the vulgarity continues.. Actually its not like that these ppl have some issues or anything else, but tbh Problem is in ourselves .. We enjoys the vulgar stuff & forward it to the world! #stopwomenabuse #smvc2faisalabad - Muhammad Osman🇵🇰

  • #mohsinabbashaider latest musical video ROOH “روح” is officially released. Vocals, Composition & Lyrics: Mohsin Abbas Haider Music Produced, Programed, Recorded, Mix & Mastered: Faraz Khosa Flutes: Baqir Abbas… - irfanistan

  • If its about banning #mohsinabbashaider then you are doing it wrong. His wife got khula in court and that beating case is still in process. How one can judge on only one sided story?? #isupportmohsinabbas - Umair Chaudhary

  • If you caught your wife/girlfriend having sex with someone, you don't have the right to kill/torture your wife. Simply divorce her and close the chapter. #kinzasaeed #mohsinabbashaider - Junaid Khan

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ایک سے بھلے دو ✌🏼😇 ❤ Won Best Lyricist Award for the Song

ایک سے بھلے دو ✌🏼😇 ❤ Won Best Lyricist Award for the Song "Good Luck" From the Movie "Load Wedding" Thank you Everyone for your Love,Support and Vote 🙏🏻...

ROOH | Out Now Link in Bio ☝🏼

ROOH | Out Now Link in Bio ☝🏼

BISMILLAH ☝🏼😇 #ROOH #ReleasingTonight 🙏🏻❤

BISMILLAH ☝🏼😇 #rooh #releasingtonight 🙏🏻❤...