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  • Specifically / see you tonight Miami Nusr-et - Nusret #saltbae

  • Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was a great leader, who lived an exemplary life that has continued to impact on the lives and minds of the people. I was, therefore delighted to attend an International Conference on his biography, organised by MUSWEN &Nusret Educational & Cultural Co. - GBOYEGA OYETOLA

  • Jalen rose is what I said too!! - Nusret Pjetrovic

  • Coming soon - nusret kütük

  • we are the best @GalatasaraySK - Nusret Yılmaz

  • EU Leaders’ Summit: Turkey on the Agenda… According to the draft EU Council conclusions, the EU leaders are expected to condemn the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Turkey signed with Libya a move that triggered strong negative reactions in Athens, Nicosia and Cairo. - NusretÖzgül

  • I tried to do some Winter accesories. They might be bad cause i did them with my fingers and not with pen @nightbarbie @cybernova - BabyNusretYT

  • Govs, Islamic scholars, others to grace MUSWEN-NUSRET conference - FrontPage News

  • Yes well said BuT what about free Palestine ??? Ofc we love Erdogan!!!adn wish him a long live - ÑusReT.ÃriaÑ.NiNgarharY

  • city women wing skt @MalikNusret @KhawajaMAsif @Marriyum_A @Mushahid_Ullahh @ZeshanMalick @TararAttaullah @sajida_waseem @ZaidZamanHamid @MaryamNSharif @AsifLoverzz @betterpakistan @KhSaad_Rafique @MIshaqDar50 - nusret jamshaid malik

  • MUSWEN/NUSRET INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE 2019 THEME: Impact of the Exemplary Leadership Style of Prophet Muhammad on Inter-Ethnic and Inter-Religious Harmony DATE: Wednesday, 11th December, 2019 VENUE: University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria - muswen

  • Nusret, please bless this cursed rumor with your sodium’s. Thx. - Violent Dystopia

  • Rest easy #juicewrld - Nusret Halıcıoğlu

  • Looking for fingers in my dinner.... #nusret - StuB-S

  • city women wing skt @MalikNusret @rajawaseem1511 @Mushahid @QasimKhanSuri @zartajgulwazir @_Mansoor_Ali @KhSaad_Rafique @Ghummans @NuzhatSadiq - nusret jamshaid malik

  • All you need is love #johnlennon - Specific

  • A lil holiday drip #saltbae #nusret - Sal Ahmad

  • I'm about to end this umbaran's whole career - Nusret Alp Yüceyavuz

  • So funny xD - BabyNusretYT

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  • Introducing Nusret Gokce... the butcher with attitude #saltbae - BBC News (World)

  • Venezuela is in the throes of a deep humanitarian and economic crisis President Nicolas Maduro stopped off in Turkey to dine at one of butcher sensation Nusret Gökçe’s Nusr-Et restaurants where he sampled steaks and smoked cigars from a personalized box - Karl Lester M. Yap

  • Celebrity chef Nusret Gokce, better known as "Salt Bae," torched online after videos of him serving steak to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in Turkey went viral. - ABC News

  • Nusret Gokcs, the chef known as Salt Bae, comes to New York, and other restaurant news - NYT Food

  • Famous cartoon artist Edo captures the collective sentiment today by drawing Nusret sprinkling salt on scraps of food Venezuelans have pulled out of a garbage bag #venezuela - Patricia Laya


  • Nusret iki dövüşçüye meydan okudu - NTV Yaşam

  • Dünyaca ünlü iki isme meydan okudu: Dövüşmeye hazırım - CNN TÜRK Spor

  • kolay degil NUSRET ile elele olmak NY de Ve Mehmet Şimşek ortaya çıktı - canupsilon

  • Who said getting a signature quirky salt-sprinkling move won’t get you recognition and an incredible valuation? Petition to open Nusr-Et in the UK asap! #valuation #hospitality #startups #restaurants #saltbae #nusret #business #sales #london #foodie - BuckworthsNW

  • The curse of Venezuelans takes effect immediately. The Salt Bae was sued in federal court earlier this year by a waitress at his Miami restaurant #nusr-et. Now a judge has ordered that other servers at Miami restaurant can join her suit. - İmdat Oner

  • @LeoDiCaprio Dear sir, I saw a video of you eating beef served by Salt Bae @nusr_et and another video speaking at UN on Climate Change. UN's IPCC) says Beef has the biggest carbon footprint.Please clarify your stand on this - Dinesh Deena

  • German club #bayernmunich has said it would impose "a heavy fine" on French midfielder Franck #ribery over his recent response to tweets criticizing him for eating a “golden steak” at the famous Nusret “#saltbae” restaurant in Dubai. - Al Arabiya English

  • Agree with you on most- though Nusr Et is an average resto where a wannabe Turk butcher sprinkles salt,pushy waiters and that’s what one pays for- better places for steak ⁦@virsanghvi⁩ - Gaurav Sippy

  • #nicolasmaduro mange un Steak chez #saltbea alors que son #peuple Crève. Venezuela’s president ate steak at Salt Bae's restaurant while people in his country are starving. Food at Nusr Et, the restaurant, is very expensive. Meanwhile, Venezuela is... - MarcheVerteNumérique

  • I can't tell if I'm horrified or impressed by the regimented life of Nusret Gokce aka Salt Bae, who lives at The Plaza and declares that it doesn't matter if your body is tired only if your mind is awake: - Josh Kruger

This is a Diamond 💎 not a meat you know what I’m saying #saltbae #saltlife #salt

This is a Diamond 💎 not a meat you know what I’m saying #saltbae #saltlife #salt...

Please listen to his last album one of the best songs l ever listen thanks Congratulations to my bro

Please listen to his last album one of the best songs l ever listen thanks Congratulations to my brother, with his great album @fatjoe...



It costs to be the boss🔪 Patron olmanin maliyeti #saltbae #saltlife #salt

It costs to be the boss🔪 Patron olmanin maliyeti #saltbae #saltlife #salt...