Who said what about Original Koffee?

  • loving this! @originalkoffee & @DanielCaesar - joey💋

  • I mean if @originalkoffee wants a boyfriend i'd treat you like the special mountain peak brew you are, just saying - Sham Love

  • Yesterday @originalkoffee pops up on a Daniel Caesar feat. Today Kranium pops you with a Burna Boy feat. Let's see how tmrw looking - Rub-A-Dubbing 4 Life

  • I love this girl [email protected] and her sound... This is just a beautiful masterpiece... I love love love you Koffee (I did this design though) - Davianey 🇳🇬

  • @originalkoffee I’d really appreciate if u would give me the time of day - Markalia

  • NOW PLAYING ON - Koffee

  • itzzz okay .... - JaRadio Jamaica

  • @originalkoffee’s new track might be my favourite one for the winter. Issa viiiiiiiiibe! - ••charmander ❥.~!

  • Felt anxious earlier and did a draft choreo to Cyanide by @DanielCaesar and @originalkoffee I'll post an official vid in the holiday - DJ DUBL

  • @originalkoffee `s W is such a vibe - Michael Small

  • @originalkoffee was littt - All Kenyan 🇰🇪

  • @originalkoffee I'm so proud luv keep reppin for Jamaica #jamaicantwitter - Ahmed

  • Hi gyal mi a fi love ya link-up WhatsApp me on 0540287694 - Ariel.R🇯🇲

  • Ok @originalkoffee and @DanielCaesar y’all did this - BraJaY

  • Let me be your personal photographer when you come through in June @originalkoffee - 🍠

  • cyanide remix with @originalkoffee - Concert Sinatra 📸🇰🇳

  • I really had fun yesterday with my peepeez @DeadHooman @_boblehead @ark996_ WE JAMMED SOO HARD ON REGGAE SONGS @originalkoffee WE LOVE U SOO MUCH AND WE APPRECIATE UR YE PERFORMANCE - Isaac :-)

  • Wi nuh rise ah boast. Yea, wi gi thanks. Wi haffi gi thanks, like wi really supposed to be thankful. Blessings all pon mi life and mi thank God fi di journey, di earnings ah jus fi di plus, yea. Gratitude is a must. @originalkoffee - Sorū 💮

  • First @originalkoffee had me toasting then I felt like a Queen on the throne now sis told me to Lowe the L and tek the W Who am I to go against Koffee ? - Danielle Nelson 🇯🇲

Original Koffee's News

  • [email protected] crowns her song of the summer: "Toast," an explosive début single by @originalkoffee. - The New Yorker

  • [email protected] recommends the explosive début single by @originalkoffee, who is shaping the future of Jamaican music. - The New Yorker

  • Me and @laurasnapes pick out the best bits from lower down the Glastonbury bill, including @originalkoffee @BABYMETAL_JAPAN @GiantGiantSwan @iamyola @buzzardbuzzard @TheHeatwave vs @Butterz, and everything on the amazing new @block9official IICON stage. - Ben Beaumont-Thomas

  • Now on @Diplo and Friends fresh new talent @OhAnnieOh gets behind the decks with all the Hip Hop, RnB, Trap & Future Sounds! - BBC Radio 1Xtra

  • "I just try to keep my head clear, think about Jamaica and keep the fire burning." Get to know @originalkoffee, reggae music's latest gift: - Complex UK

  • Join us for the 2nd hour of @Diplo and Friends with the man himself! - BBC Radio 1Xtra

  • Don’t miss out on @Diplo back in the mix for a full 2 hours, only on @Diplo & Friends! - BBC Radio 1Xtra

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  • New to the playlist @MrEazi x @Sneakbo - Chicken Curry @Oshthisside - My Yé Is Different @OfficialAitch - Trust Me @AJTracey - Doing It @BurnaBoy - On The Low @OriginalKoffee - Toast & more - BBC Radio 1Xtra

  • Now Hear This: Amazing new stuff from Dave, Maren Morris, @CageTheElephant, @stelladonnelly, @toutsband + this week's spotlight artist, Koffee/@originalkoffee + a whole heap more - Roisin O'Connor

  • Yo huge respects to @originalkoffee for highlighting Ini as well as @LilaIkeJa @yanah_i @LenoBanton @callmesevana in her @guardian interview. Read here: - Blvk H3ro

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  • Independence Day TOP 5 Freestyle Special with @seanibremix in Jamaica! In at 5 - @OriginalKoffee - BBC Radio 1Xtra

  • #hotfor2019 artists ready to take 2019 by storm @DanielCaesar @originalkoffee @slowthai @AlicaiHarley @TianaMajor9 @OfficialAitch @RealHamzaa @DigDat8 @DBlockEurope @OctavianEssie @unknwnt9 @ambushbuzzworl @Amb3rMark @RoddyRicch @ryginking - BBC Radio 1Xtra

  • Next up is 's @originalkoffee #hotfor2019 - BBC Radio 1Xtra

  • Get to know @originalkoffee, one of #nprslingshot's 20 Artists To Watch in 2019: - NPR Music

  • 19-year-old Jamaican artist @originalkoffee is earning hits and hype, with an appearance in Toronto Aug. 5 at the Jambana One World Festival. - Toronto Star

  • See our list of this month's essential albums you need to hear, from @jennylewis and @cometcoming to @LittleSimz and @originalkoffee. - NPR Music

Thankful and focused. ✨ ⠀ Next week I’ll share my journey with you in my new @billboard X @hon

Thankful and focused. ✨ ⠀ Next week I’ll share my journey with you in my new @billboard X @hondastage doc ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #gratitudeisamust #ad...

W ft @gunna

W ft @gunna...