Who said what about Prada?

  • chunky prada boots - n

  • yall! let’s clean up sehun’s search bar! to help, copy paste, reply and qt rt! Sehun EXO Sehun X-EXO Sehun Rapper Sehun Louis Vuitton Sehun Model Sehun Rapper Sehun Obsession Sehun Water Dance Sehun Cute Sehun Talented Sehun Prada Sehun What a Life - 𝖔𝖓𝖊

  • When she said " and Nick no one gives a fuck your were a model for Prada" #subbed - NessaBella

  • The Maknae wears PRADA - フレ🎄is coming 。◕‿◕。

  • #nctoutfit Boys in PRADA #nct_dream - NCT_OUTFIT

  • Guys please help me find my wallet. It’s a navy blue Prada wallet. Last seen in a Holiday Taxi with the side number of 427. It has cards with “Karl Patrick O. Luy” inside. Please contact me Globe - 09162622263 Smart - 09280538283 - PRADA

  • Idk but I referenced this off of a Prada ad bc that shit is so aesthetic and I love women - Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Team

  • Overseas Dimes Wit Weird Accents & Prada Showroom Fittings - Karl Luy

  • gucci prada chanel dior burberry ysl yall know what to do - mei / めい 🌷🍑🍧

  • “Don’t you stomp “These aren’t your little last last season!” season Prada shoes at me, honey.” - Flee Da (g)OD

  • Baekhyun wore this $1,400 Prada sweater to today’s fansign (191207)! - # ar #

  • i hope jungkook stomps on jtbc reporters with his prada cloutbust thunder sneakers - princess de(leia)nie [hiatus]

  • Lisa: I was obsessed with white sneakers. Prada x Adidas: - baekhyun best male artist - mary 💓

  • Call me yo Prada bae - goonie

  • Timothée Chalamet - Times Talks ScreenTimes "Little Women" with Melena Ryzik, December 9 2019 PRADA - Double Match Poplin Shirt $1120 #timotheechalamet - Yuan 🖤💗🤙🏻

  • How is Beyoncé x Adidas more exciting than Prada x Adidas? - Chinnccyy💔🈲

  • The Devil drove down to Prada #makeatuneitalian - RTW

  • Gifts from the girls at Prada #pradaescape - @PAM_BOY

  • Gideon and The Devil Wears Prada really only tour as a package now huh? - MFB Naughty

Prada's News

  • The Devil Wears Prada musical casts The Prom's Beth Leavel as Miranda Priestly - Entertainment Weekly

  • Taylor Iman Jones (a very talented young Black singer/actor) will be playing the role Anne Hathaway played in the Devil Wears Prada musical - y’all don’t read 🥴

  • I got to go to Milan and sit at the foot of the Queen. - rachel seville tashjian

  • Just in time for Christmas... - Vogue.fr

  • Meryl Streep playing Beth Leavel's role in The Prom + Beth Leavel playing Meryl Streep's role in Devil Wears Prada = g r o u n d b r e a k i n g . - Ashley Lee

  • Chicago world premiere of ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ musical, starring Beth Leavel, will be fashionably late - Chicago Sun-Times - Music shrae

  • A million girls would kill for this role - Vulture

  • The Devil Wears Prada Musical Finds Its Miranda and Andy - Yhon Soto Solutions

  • Actors Beth Leavel and Taylor Iman Jones are the new Miranda Priestly and Andy Sachs - BuzzFeed News

  • "The Devil Wears Prada" musical debuting in Chicago is being delayed a year, and now won't open until at least 2021. Why? You can thank Sir Elton John and his "ridiculous schedule." - Chicago Tribune

  • 32 BEST party heels from just £25: ASOS to Prada - Evening Standard

  • Miuccia Prada transcends the influencer age with clothes that are both urgent and eternal - GQ Magazine

  • Crowning Glory: From Prada's panettone to a beer brewed on Ben Nevis, London's most luxurious Christmas treats - tweetonlondon

  • My husband and I never wake up in the morning saying, ‘We will have to make money.’ - Endriu

  • When Fleur du Mal founder Jennifer Zuccarini and her employees discovered that Victoria's Secret was selling pieces that closely resembled her own lingerie company's designs, they turned to Diet Prada: - WSJ. Magazine

  • Timothée Chalamet Took the NYC Subway to The Tonight Show Wearing the Chicest Prada Rain Coat #timothéechalamet - CALL ME BY YOUR NAME SUPPORT GROUP

  • Frolov said in his acceptance speech that he believes that Ukrainian fashion brands will make it to the global fashion world, following in the footsteps of Prada or Chanel. - Kyiv Post

  • In the ’90s, heels were chunky. In the aughts, they were skinny. And now the pendulum has swung back again - The Cut

  • NEWSFLASH: Poor BC Citizens that take up valuable resources and space who won't shop at Versace, Birks, Prada, Chanel are the ones being displaced. Keep up or move out. Lebensraum 2019. 4.8 Million Chandelier that tells Normals #bcpoli #cdnpoli - 🔥The Harbinger 🔥🌎

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