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  • Bret with the quick tag to Holly, then creates the diversion and delivers the dropkick allowing Holly to roll Owen up for the win - Tape Claus

  • quick tag to brendon urie - drugs


  • Somebody quick tag Simi's mommy so she can see. Looks like somebody wants a favour from her mommy - Akpan Obongowo

  • quick, tag him to a the video where Jensen and Misha are slowdancing, save him - Mark

  • Bro quick Tag check its #lonewarriorasim - BanGtanArmy

  • good on you for calling all this out. @CharlesTrippy not sure if you’re aware but i figured i would give you a quick tag - hannah

  • I caught a high hard line drive for the out and then made the quick tag for the second out. Great double play to help send my team to the Championship game! @lakeridgesb @gmsmomamanda @RoderickWilson3 @OU_Softball - Gabi Wilson Softball

  • Week 2 of OK #paddlefish netting 2019 has begun. Grand Lake greeted us with fair skies, warm air temps, and no wind (so far). The big recruitment class from 2015 should be perfect size for banding, so we have high hopes of a quick tag quota (1000) this year. - JD Schooley

  • Quick, Tag your Squad! - G2 Making The Squad 2

  • Want to play a quick tag football game? OGMS 7th grade student leadership and cooperation skills during lunch break. #ogmagic #ogmstrong @OakGroveMS - Jasmine Montgomery

  • Finally completed it. #guts Thanks to you all for supporting me. Plz share this as much as you can. And dont forget to like and follow. U Bye #art #illustration #drawing quick.tag #draw #tagsforlikes #picture- Arteen


  • Quick. Tag uncle peter - indika Herath

  • OH I wanted to ask some ashe and lore related questions, so gonna quick tag @lordlonato (obv answer this whenever, not pressing): - What age would you say Christophe was when he was taken in to be executed? Would this have happened before or after the tragedy of Duscur? - Glennjamin H. Fraldarius 🔞

  • Quick tag punishable on block Superdash -4. Buff low tiers. nerf gt goku I cant even watch tournaments cause of gt goku being on every team so boring. Make rising punches mids to get rid of fuzzies so we can actually see big bodies used optimally at tournaments - VtecxxtypeR

  • luvies quick tag wendy in cute and nice things so she won't have to see those stupid ass edits - gen

  • It's a device to tag ppl and their cars fast. The next version would be "Quick Tag" and "Tagged n Eliminated". Last version is for cases like Nusrat Jahan encounter #modihaitohmumkinhai hai to mumkin hai... - Warrior

  • Quick! Tag me in friend! - Acute angles🔺️💦

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  • Quick thoughts on Redskins wisely placing franchise tag on Cousins. Now comes the intrigue. - Ben Standig

  • Four quick links, catching up with the week that was: Beyond the "Proud Indian" tag: @priyaramani on empathy, guilt, anger and other responses that matter. - Nilanjana Roy

  • CyanogenMod plans a quick leap to Jelly Bean for version 10, existing devices likely to tag along - - Engadget

  • No quick fix for broken schools. Ontario schools need $16B in repairs- Toronto schools make up more than a quarter of that price tag. - Cristina Howorun

  • UKIP quick to publicly deny the extremist tag but fail to back campaign to stop EU funding of extremists - HOPE not hate

  • How to apologize for vandalism? Tag a quick "sorry" on the building. Watch today's 22 Minutes Daily here: - 22Minutes

  • 'It helps if you're quick to dodge the arrows': Archery tag comes to Calgary - CBC Calgary

  • Quick, tag an old person! - Sukhbir Cheema

  • #ucl Chances at both ends at the Etihad. Mbappe proving the ‘new Henry’ tag with quick feet, glides into the box - Express Sports

  • @ElisabetNeyATX is close to our goal in the National Trust Grant Challenge, but we’re at risk of losing $150k grant if we don’t make the top 10. We need your quick online vote right now—then tag or share with a friend! - Austin Parks & Rec

  • We agree #bananas are (yummy) art, but for that price tag it better be organic! #cultivatingfresh #bananaart #charliesproduce - Charlie's Produce

  • wow cool the observer's election editorial doesn't include the words 'wales', 'scotland', 'plaid cymru' or 'snp' but has the gall to tag on in the literal sentence before last 'we are no allies of...Scottish and Welsh independence' - a quick afterthought - lady bed

  • Thanks #rafaelnadal, @DaniilMedwed, @Venuseswilliams for a great chat at @lottenypalace. Should’ve posted these earlier, but just a quick tag along with the piece: - Eustacia Huen

  • Quick! Tag the happy couple you know who's planning their wedding right now! These quick tips will help them save lots of cash. - Texas Trust CU

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