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  • I'm fed up of shayaris and good quotes, I need humour and sarcasm only. - 💋sarcasmOnly🌹

  • I forget that sarcasm only works in person my baaaaad - Shinchan's Bro.

  • There was nothing more exciting than this [via sarcasm_only/IG] - Brianna 🌟

  • See this Instagram photo by @sarcasm_only - Complex Canada

  • Cute sarcasm only raasi khanna ke possible - Debbie_ry

  • I wish I could #repost sarcasm_only ・・・ sarcasm_only - proud fan of yeleti Chandrasekhar

  • I enjoyed all the visits from everyone that said they would visit me & my babygirl (sarcasm) only 4 of you... you know who you are - Mermaid out of Water

  • #repost sarcasm_only ・・・ (via twitter/iamlittlejj) - Lidia Castellanos👑

  • #repost sarcasm_only ・・・ sarcasm_only - Mermaid out of Water

  • Dude she is a nutcase, a mind beyond repair. I keep saying by replying to people like her we Hindus are giving them fuel to run their vicious agendas. Treat people like her with a joke and sarcasm only. - Mermaid out of Water

  • For humor and sarcasm only. Photosynthesis is a process of plants to gain energy from the sun producing oxygen as a by-product. - Blackblue

  • MYSTERY SOLVED? . h/t sarcasm_only . - Glengdong

  • Perhaps I have reached a level of sarcasm only I can understand - The Wry Guys


  • Inadepend venye umechukulia.. I didn't insult you,, brought sarcasm only ... - 𝚢𝚘

  • You literally sound like a guy at a comedy club screaming "HOW DO PEOPLE THINK THESE ARE JUST JOKES?" after hearing a word "jew". I'm getting convinced you're just a wingman to the stage comedian. And I myself gave you the benefit of a joke/sarcasm only ~1h ago aswell... - Nekesa Tendwa

  • Good morning everyone, to the ones at work on Saturday just make the best of it..Also reward yourself with wine later... - Smiguli

  • Sarcasm/ Only 4ish percent of Earth's population are Americans. 96ish % will be a-ok right? - 💋sarcasmOnly🌹

  • No genius, I hope you get the sarcasm. Only non-Muslims protesting are assholes like TMC whose power is predicated on illegal vote banks. - Rāfāʾēl

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  • Besides, free credit monitoring is totally a better deal than oh you know say CASH, am I rite? /sarcasm Only 2% of the Equifax data breach victims have signed up for free credit monitoring so far - Bushwick ⚠️❗☠️⚡

  • It wd be mistake to think congress only opponent & sarcasm only way to win. - Ramesh Chandra

  • Sarcasm only equals angry if you're senile: - CyclingBoulder

  • Andrew Bolt: voice of reason . Only Abbott can fix what Turnbull broke - The J

  • why hold a popular vote if electors are free to choose? (sarcasm) only applies to 10th circuit rn. time to abolish the electoral college. this is something to watch closely. - Dr. Maria Cetta

  • What "Shouting match"?! C'mon, son! This was tame compared to England's #questiontime UK where MPs & Lords ask govt tough Q's w/ caustic Brit sarcasm. Only snowflake US Media calls this a shouting match. MT Trump, Pelosi & Schumer's Transparent Meeting - Jg. for FatScribe

  • Per AG from @MuellerSheWrote "These four isotopes are indicative of a reactor explosion and not a propulsion accident. This is bad f**king news." So, another Chernobyl. Great. (note: sarcasm) Only 7 people dead, so the Russians say. They're lying. - Anne C 💕 Love is Love 💕

  • SARCASM - only for the brave mind. I remember when Prof. Pius (God bless his soul) said he wrote one about a Reverend and they reported him to the Man and his Mum...the Clergy of course got but people didn't... These: 1. - Wale Micaiah

  • Awwwwh! My heart bleeds! Cry me a river So discriminatory against the MILLIONAIRES! (Such sarcasm!) Only 10 sleeps left tweets. #auspol #ausvotes2019 Labor crackdown on large tax advice claims to hit millionaires - 💧Bruce Munro

  • Where is the money in the UN? Are you serious? You have a lot of catching up to do Alan. Your smug sarcasm only makes you look silly. Why don't you try reading some material. There are many interconnecting strands. - SylviaD

  • Idiot. Climate change on books since 70's. We are out of time and such stupid facicious sarcasm only saves his Brexit job not his life#climatechange#globalwarming - Maria Montgomery

  • Sen @JeffFlake: "I have seen the President's most ardent defenders use the now-weary argument that the President's comments were meant as a joke, just sarcasm, only tongue in cheek," he said. "But treason is not a punchline, Mr. President." - Tell It Like It Is!

  • IT WAS SARCASM Only Named Source In WaPo Report On Trump’s Leaking Of Classified Information Denies It - Chip

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