Who said what about Backen, Torteln & mehr🎂?

  • My Youngest Sister & My Son Zey & Daughter Nataly - K. Modyist

  • @jamie34peters if u are my sis... and @Chaazy_ my son...Zey..u have another aunty (^_~)v - Ana

  • @SammuraisMexico No , nose quienes son .__.? -Zey• - Sammi Sanchez MX ™

  • @yuunah i see u met my son zey :) @ZeyLunatic - Ana

  • My son Zey ... Lets get ittttt - tomzus

  • My son Zey with his Mother & Grand Mother on his Gmoms Bday # Happy Birthday Cynthia Dennis @… - Jerome J. Smith Jr.

  • My son @Zey_Numba9 talking me out gwm tomorrow - M.O.B

  • Look at my G son Zey - #M🚹NDING♂Man™ Drip💦

  • I wish rapping was in the blood. My son zey really be killin it - ☁️io 🌀omez

  • Me and my son @Zey_Numba9 really bouta hit new York city tonight - M.O.B

  • Good Morning IG friends and family # Love is Love & God is Good # My Son Zey @ The City of… - Jerome J. Smith Jr.

  • yo my son Zey been missin in action for 2 days now....THA FUCKKKKKK! - Armie

  • My son Zey # Family @ Hilton Garden Inn-Albany - Jerome J. Smith Jr.

  • I'm Praying My Son & Zey Has There Birthday Party On Different Days Because I Gotta Make It To My Zeyders Birthday Party !!! - shayla

  • Son Zey is sick lmao - AntEyeLiteSkynd

  • @SimplyLucyLu @__RunDMC we still naming our son Zey right - Community Service

  • My son Zey is crazy - Mr.GetRight

  • My son Zey have 2 more days - Snap: Essence_Yanane

  • This is not my son it's my god son Zey will be childless until marriage - Community Service









📍Delikli Koyu #cesme 🐚

📍Delikli Koyu #cesme 🐚...