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  • Taeyeon got Ginger when she was happiest while she got Zero when she was unstable and needed a friend. Now i understand why Zero > Ginger. Still thankful she got them at different points of her life. Thank you @ taeyeon_ss for Ginger's cameo. Love em both. - Vocal KING Taeyeon 👑

  • 191206 @.taeyeon_ss Best Nine of 2019 - 𝓪✬

  • [INSTAGRAM STORY] taeyeon_ss : 우리 여덟명은 소녀시대라는 그룹으로 데뷔하기 위해 꽤 오랜시간부터 모든 걸 걸고 최선을 다 해 왔고 결코 하루 아침에 뚝딱 만들어진 그룹이 아니에요 최고의 구성원을 만들기 위해 노력한 건 사실이나 우리는 대중들에게 보여지기 전 부터 수없이 많은 시간을 - taengstagram

  • taeyeon_ss 13 Eight of us have been doing everything we have done for quite some time to debut in a group called Girls' Generation, and it's not a group that's been tucked up in the morning. - 마일라 티비

  • 130904 귀가살찌는계절♪ (耳が肥える季節♪) IG taeyeon_ss . - 김태연

  • [#instagram] 06/12/19 - Atualização de 'jaehee8655' no Stories com Taeyeon e Yeri nos bastidores do concerto do Red Velvet, 'La Rouge'. "Eu te amo @/yerimiese @/taeyeon_ss" - Taeyeon Brasil ☃️

  • Taeyeon said the most valuable words for her members. She is protective leader for Girls' Generation. Kid Leader Taeng is so smart #taeyeon #snsd - 💘 taeyeon_ss 💘

  • 130428 Have a good Zzz...am❀ IG taeyeon_ss . - 김태연

  • 130404 Tomorrow!! 明日!! Beep>ㅅ< IG taeyeon_ss . - 김태연

  • me to user @.taeyeon_ss - 𝒫𝒰𝑅𝒫𝒪𝒮𝐸💜

  • 130818 BeautifulNightView #lv IG taeyeon_ss . - 김태연

  • [taeyeon_ss STORY IMAGE] 우리 여덟명은 소녀시대라는 그룹으로 데뷔하기 위해 꽤 오랜시간부터 모든 걸 걸고 ... - Taengstagram

  • Just assume you guys are those casual vlogger to begin with, not being some certain girlgroup members, and do collab @.taeyeon_ss @.jessica.syj - ti

  • Taeyeon_ss : It's not such a team like a bus stop that anyone can go through once before it's shown to you. If you don't have the memories of sweating, unless you manipulated the memory of the members, I hope you've never stood up and embarrassed us. - 마일라 티비

  • ig user taeyeon_ss please post - a

  • How to unsee this?? - taeyeon_ss

  • 130831 TRUE BEAUTY...... does not care LOL #큰입소유자 #자연주의자 IG taeyeon_ss . - 김태연

  • My songs 2019. Thank you. @exidofficial taeyeon_ss @nickiminaj @tiffanyyoung sumin spotify - EXID WE ❤

  • Winner is Taeyeon .That's all - 💘 taeyeon_ss 💘

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  • taeyeon_ss 各國再翻唱!太妍將唱「冰雪2」韓文主題曲 - 🍊🍋

  • taeyeon_ss look!!! 化妝箱送給太妍應該不錯 - 🍊🍋

  • 雙魚...有點準耶 (轉頭看 taeyeon_ss ) 忽冷忽熱讓人好受傷 這些星座通通上榜 - Yahoo奇摩新聞 - 🍊🍋

  • @TaeyeonSS @Sojin detikcom: 5 Permasalahan yang Kerap Terjadi Saat Jalin Asmara dengan Pria Lebih Muda - Username saya



제로야 사랑해

제로야 사랑해...



🎃 어김없이 돌아온 명절 햅삐 할로윈

🎃 어김없이 돌아온 명절 햅삐 할로윈...

사진전이라니 처음엔 몹시 낯설고 쑥스럽기만 했는데 저와 이번 앨범작업


정규 2집 수록곡 ‘Here I Am’ 💥

정규 2집 수록곡 ‘Here I Am’ 💥...

정규 2집 수록곡 ‘City love’ 💥

정규 2집 수록곡 ‘City love’ 💥...

정규 2집 수록곡 ‘Find me’ 💥

정규 2집 수록곡 ‘Find me’ 💥...