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  • Hairstylist @Kristin_Ess (co-founder of @TBDOfficial) has an HQ made for Instagram—See for yourself: - COVETEUR

  • @TBDofficial Have always loved your site. Hope everything is okay and you are just too busy to post. - Les Abeilles

  • Those are some amazing picks! I was super intimidated and scared when I first started getting into make up. @TBDofficial was incredibly helpful for me :D same with @NikkieTutorials - Kierstin

  • Ill check them out, thank you! - Nerd 🌺

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  • Choose a stunning bridal updo tutorial to perfect your wedding day look, such as this classic chignon hairstyle via @tbdofficial. - MMehappy.com

  • @TBDofficial so are you guys no longer a thing...? No posts since April - Haley Bandy

  • @TBDofficial Please let me know if our Head of Sales Tracy Aschenbrenner and/or I can meet with you or speak by phone. - Dr. Terry Zickerman

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  • @Kristin_Ess Is @TBDofficial dead? No posts since April - Haley Bandy

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  • Kristin Ess desperately wants everyone to have Instagram hair IRL. Makeup boss, Amy Nadine, is obsessed with the newest, most innovative cosmetics. Together they make utorials galore (over 1,000)! Bless you, @TBDofficial. - theClick

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Be lit 🔥 who’s up for it. Drop a message to say if your up for it......

Be lit 🔥 who’s up for it. Drop a message to say if your up for it.........