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  • It's not only Tacha that fell of trend list ...Wizkid has also fell simply means new tags have replaced them least Tacha was among the first top 6 that trended earlier today #tachaxsoklounge - Haybee 🔱

  • 3 out of top 4 tags belond to Superstar @urstrulyMahesh #suryudivochandrudivo #sarileruneekevvaru #slnsecondsingle - Mahesh Babu Trends ™

  • The wine sandara has nothing to do with her, I talk to the founder. And I think she's a producer, I saw some tags last time Especially to anne and vice movie. - ghexxvi

  • Million Tweets List of Tamil TaGs..! Top No : 1 #என்றும்_தலஅஜித் 2.24M Tweets Top No : 2 #தமிழகத்தின்தலைமகன்அஜித் 1.4M Tweets #மக்கள்தலைவன்அஜித் - LOADING - Tʜᴀʟᴀ Rᴀsɪɢᴀɴ'S 2.0™

  • yall want txt to be on a top 10 winners right? you better keep voting 1 reply wt tags = 1 vote 1 rt = 1 vote #mamavote #txt @TXT_members - charleen

  • colethewolf: carlospy: centrumlumina: After a year away, I can now present the 2019 AO3 Ship Stats Top 100! This list shows the 100 pairing tags with the most fanfics posted on Archive Of Our Own as of July 24 2019. There are 69 M/M... - Crystal Dietz

  • Dang, all the trending tags today are related to death- four out of the five top ones are about Juice Wrld, the other is about John Lennon. That's not meant as a complaint, it's just a bit a lot. - Spinexcellent

  • Hello. This is Monbebe Entertainment. Once again, the trends are GLITCHING. Unfortunately, Monsta X or any kpop tags at all really are NOT trending top 3. Twitter still hasn't fixed the glitch. Sorry (no! it isn't trending in korea either) #wonhobelongsonstage #rememberwhenmx7 - Monbebe Entertainment

  • #twittermomentsofthedecade When Twitter’s top 20 worldwide trends list was occupied with tags & terms all celebrating Jimin’s birthday (Oct. 13) This was the first time this happened in Twitter history @BTS_twt - BTS • ARMY Research 🔍

  • Could I have your attention please? Could all of the tabby cats with blue tags report to the hallway cubbies? I repeat...could all of the tabby cats with blue tags report to the hallway cubbies? L to R: Simon Sez, Commander Cupcake & Snickerz. Big Daddy up top. #cats - Crash's Landing

  • Happy New Month Titans Welcome to December...tags will be crazy this month Wish me too with the hashtag #tachaxghtitans let's cement our top spot #tachaxghtitans - Mechanic Johnny🔱

  • Top Mentioned Kollywood Movie Hash Tags on Instagram. No.1 - #sarkar No.2 - #bigil No.3 - #mersal Top 3 Spots Holding by @actorvijay, Social Media Emperor for a Reason. - Online Vijay FC™

  • So apparently Shein and Romwe are one of the same? I ordered a ton of stuff from Romwe and all the tags said Shein. I sized up out of paranoia. Most of the stuff fit perfectly but a few items were huge on me! I’m a 38C and I got a 2x tube top just in case and I was swimming in it - Rachael With Two A’s

  • Top 3 Most Tweeted Actor Anniversary Tags In India (UPDATED) 1) 48YearsOfMammoottysm - 1.7M Tweets 2) #27yrsofkwemperorvijay - 803K Tweets * 3) 27YrsOfEpitomeThalaAJITH - 655K Tweets NO.2 in INDIA & NO.1 in Kollywood #27yrsofkwemperorvijay #bigil @actorvijay - Ⓜ️uthu$iva 🔥ᴮᶦᵍᶦˡ

  • #contest 1-2 - thailand paid trip 3-7 - Fly a Micro Aircraft OR Private Luxury Yacht Next top 2000 winners - Get a funky travel kit from Klook ( Get travel pouches, quirky neck pillows, travel tags and a lot more ) All other will win discounted vouchers - india contest

  • garbage-empress: thottistani: No gay has all 5: - A job - Good relationship with father - Neurotypical brain - Ability to top - Driver’s license this is a fun post because people will say how many they have in the tags then you get to figure out... - ink

  • ALERT Do at least 50 to 100 tweets everyday with all the five tags. it's important to maintain the position of tags under top 5 precisely top 3. Hope everyone will follow. With love - Shanaya - IMARA_IN_PROCESS_BY_ADIZA😪

  • I thought it was only in the movie, who expected ... #cat #cats #catsagram #toptags #catstagram #instagood #kitten #kitty #kittens #pet #pets #meong #neko #petstagram #petsagram #photooftheday #catsofinstagram #ilovemycat #instagramcats #kucing #catoftheday #lovecats - Cat Pepper

  • Top 5 fave shows of the decade 1. Game Of Thrones (yes even including season 8) 2. Ash VS The Evil Dead 3. Rick and Morty 4. Steven Universe 5. The Boys Tagging....whoever wants to SO MANY TAGS XD - Lala

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  • Cord cutting tops records in Q1 as skinny bundles get fatter price tags - Variety

  • The measures include quotas for recruitment, a management system of “real-name registration” and tags for monks and nuns, as well as placing 97 Communist Party cadres, who are required to be atheist, in top finance, security and admission roles. - Students for a Free Tibet

  • (2/2) And what will the Lions do with their cap space? Well, there are plenty of options. We take our first look at the free agent market and rank the top 30 for the Lions (though several will likely have price tags too high for the team). - Justin Rogers

  • Total Witch Hunt captures & tags another total witch! But if top executives are going to be fired over Micheal Cohen’s bribery/shakedown scheme to sell his client, the top exec who should have "retired" first was Cohen's corrupt client. #followthemoney - Mrs. Betty Bowers

  • 12 YEARS OF HASHTAGS: Twitter reveals top tags used by Canadians The Top Canadian hashtags used were: 1. #bellletstalk 2. #cdnpoli 3. #bts 4. #wethenorth 5. #jimin @BTS_twt - 💜 msbeatrice 💜

  • Why are rich parents tempted to break the law? Gaining admission through donations or the highest-priced consultants has become out of reach for the bottom of the top 1 percent. We're talking seven-figure price tags. - Dana Goldstein

  • After last year’s over-the-top tasselled boho dresses, this year it’s all about looking ‘natural’ — even if the price tags are anything but. - Times 2

  • Teenage cyber-criminals should be fitted with Wi-Fi jamming ankle tags rather than going to prison, top cop suggests - Hannah Graham

  • Exclusive interview: #lcfc new signing James Maddison on his path to the top, England, sacrifices, price tags and "replacing" Riyad Mahrez - John Percy

  • Mueller tags 3 top DC fixers: Podesta, Craig and Webber. Perhaps the swamp will be drained after all? If he keeps this up, there'll be bipartisan calls for his ouster. - Jeffrey St. Clair

  • I've spent countless hours over the last few months testing the newest mesh Wi-Fi systems from Nest, Eero, and Netgear Orbi. All three are great options with faster top speeds and lower price tags than before. Here's how to choose between them: - Ry Crist

  • Reading this, one will understand, why do we see "Made in Vietnam" on tags of many Global Top brands. Sharp decline in cotton yarn exports worries industry - Arunudoy ভট্টাচার্য

  • Sry wrong link pl re tw this- Thnk Hon PM @narendramodi ji, Shri @arunjaitley ji & Shri @nitin_gadkari ji - 1200km journey time reduced frm 4 days to 42 hrs thanks 2 GST, top class roads & Electronic toll tags ! - Adv. Ashish Shelar - ॲड. आशिष शेलार

  • Top tech cos now offer AI software that tags faces as male or female. But experts worry this could hurt trans people & those who don't look stereotypically male or female. An important report from @rachelmetz on how a few lines of code can upend lives. - Seth Fiegerman

  • Twitter Tags: Mahesh Babu's film finds place in top list - IndiaGlitz™ l Telugu

  • Forget price tags and bad odors: The top real-estate agent in Beverly Hills says the main factor driving buyers away from luxury homes right now is a need for renovations - Business Insider

  • #ipl2018: Top 5 cricketers who didn’t live up to their staggering price tags - Hindustan Times

  • The Guardian has started putting red "this article is 5 months old" tags at the top of old articles, I assume to avoid social media confusion, and I think that is good and cool. Example: - mcc

  • The top #melbourne penthouse apartments that boast million dollar views — and price tags - Herald Sun

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Repost from @serena_paolo_ ᴄᴏɴ ϙᴜᴇsᴛᴀ ᴀᴛᴍᴏsғᴇʀᴀ.. ᴜɴᴀ ʙᴇʟʟᴀ ᴘɪᴢᴢᴀ ᴄɪ ᴠᴜᴏʟᴇ 🍕 💫🎅 • • • 🍕 #pizza #pizza...

Repost from @deborahir 🎁 #ʙʟᴀᴄᴋғʀɪᴅᴀʏ 🎁 È ufficialmente iniziata la stagione

Repost from @deborahir 🎁 #ʙʟᴀᴄᴋғʀɪᴅᴀʏ 🎁 È ufficialmente iniziata la stagione dello shopping natalizio!❤ Quest'anno vorrei organizzarmi in anticipo ed evita...