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Who said what about TryHard?

  • Putting an end to these tryhard tactics - lenya

  • friendly reminder to stream tryhard by @thebandcamino - rachel

  • "I contain multitudes" -cliche -vague -sounds kinda tryhard "Your entire village is dying in my gut right now" -oh fffhhck -mmmph -hhhhhhhhhh - Fox Populi

  • Performing an acoustic rendition of “What I Want,” @thebandcamino delivers a heart-shattering rendition of the opening track to their 2019 EP 'tryhard.' Watch the full performance here: - Ones To Watch

  • verlisify: anyone who dislikes sword and shield are fake pokemon fans also verlisify: gen 5 is BAD 99% of the pokemon designs are BAD the story is TRYHARD the games are garbage. and, no, i didnt play through gen 5 but i know all my statements to be true - nosey

  • Last mike clip for a while, gonna have to tryhard to finish my next brawler - Lukiebear

  • Me: No voy a ir tan Tryhard :) Also me: - Snaking With a Mouse

  • I still got it #tryhard - EmJakee

  • I think if sum1 imitate Tae's expression on stage, I'll cringe(?) I think he does it so natural. And if an idol will force themself to do it, it'll, most prob, look a lil tryhard(??) I mean, no one can do those as good as tae tho.Just my opinion, I'm irrelevant anyway.bye - lian_wuvs_taetae #🐻

  • I don't understand the PRO EU community tbh. Could you guys tryhard one fucking tournament? You are not even capable of playing 6 games. It's disrespectful to your peers, orgs and organisers. It's disrespectful to the viewers and your community. zzzzzzzzzz - Lucas Rojo

  • Yall check this out @AvianGameCo #apexlegends #tryhard #tankmain #duo #wolfboy #sniping #ps4share - WolfBoy

  • I'm not that '1000 likes' when aku post gambar of person but that's fine at least takdelah tryhard nak famous - nad suka kucing

  • Tryhard doggy - Dog BARK

  • Refsheet get!! By @fetalstar , NSFW version will show up on my FA later. Spaceship mechanic wolf ahoy~! - 4 Armed Tryhard 🏳️‍⚧️

  • Either G2 were so good because of their attitude and schedule that prevented burnout, or maybe they never really had to tryhard to wreck Europe? - Josh


  • Did my first tryhard on drawn animation! Threw in some AE for the nice fx. - sleepy

  • Sweaty tryhard hours - Spntax

  • My tryhard intro of Canon in D - Jeremiah Siagan

TryHard's News

  • In which I argue that Sharp Objects beats prestige tryhard dramas at their own game with its languid, gorgeous, *character specific* storytelling choices: - CarolineD Framke

  • That time the leisure class got tired of just looking like jackasses in Tom Ford & Yeezy—and tried to simulate the achievements of the tryhard middle class. My piece @WIRED on Photoshop, Veblen, shallowfakes and the college admissions scandal. - Virginia Heffernan

  • No, it’s 100% hilarious that this tryhard is so desperate for the approval of the most pathetic people alive that he wrote a book about how cool he is, and they still hate him. - Natalie, malfunctioning sexbot

  • Now our President is acting like a 12-year-old Xbox Live tryhard. Can we get a real adult? -- Trump threatens former VP Biden with physical violence, describing him as "weak, both mentally and physically", adding that he would "go down fast and hard" - - Robert Hallock🌹

  • Read a chapter from @EmRusciano's fabulous new book #tryhard right here - Simon & Schuster

  • WTF has Slowthai (who’s awesome btw) got to do with a rap legends show, you tryhard virgin. Music journalism is dead. - Sir Bufton Tufton

  • Anyone who has ever had to work in 'casual fine dining' knows that truffles are really the tryhard fungus. @Jerrt - Kat de Haan

  • It's super weird that the party of crime is all of a sudden trying to crack down on criminals. I mean, I guess I'd try to muddy up the waters too if Trump was my guy, but lordy, so much tryhard hackish garbage in one day. - 🗽 ian silverii 🗽

  • tryhard NRA gamely attempts to co-opts 'Times Up' in a new video, but guess what kind of history they have confronting domestic violence, just guess! - Jason Linkins

  • This guy Lindsay seems to have a bit of a tryhard alt-Right rep. Probably best he fck off from teaching altogether. - tie a knot in it

  • Clunky. A little #tryhard perhaps? "Beautiful one day, pitiful the next: is 'philausophy' a new low for Australian tourism ads?" - Christina Larmer

  • Childless #kamalaharris calls herself "Momala." She claims that her white husband's two children, Ella & Cole, are named after Ella Fitzgerald & John Coltrane. Retroactive tryhard is the best kind, doncha think? This essay contains the word "sous-chef" - Kevin Michael Grace🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇮🇪⚜🇳🇴

  • Please with that tryhard lead sentence. The whole point is the actual problem is not rice or beef or whatever, it's companies (almost entirely energy), and this serves as an example of how the media fails miserably in framing the issue correctly. - Asian Junkie

  • #tryhard ? How Microsoft found a #huawei driver that opened systems to attack - Robert Brand

  • Scumo has no chance of winning He is a tryhard & a blowhard An insidious sociopath Aussie’s don’t warm to people like this especially fake artists They are labelled wankers & treated accordingly Scott Morrison's best chance at winning the next election - 💧Juan Zino Ramirez

  • Marine Le Pen says Bolsonaro is "not far right" but still thinks he's too much of a tryhard to endorse - Siberian Fox

  • “Why the Best Leaders Are 'Try-Hards'--and You Should Be, Too” by @brian_wong - Lyn Graft (LG)

  • Being a lefty in a red state is not without its difficulties, but at least I don’t have to put up w these tryhard overachievers - Adam Fleming Petty

  • Tiffany Trump is doing an irl Legally Blonde, but the tryhard dick she's trying to impress is her own father. - Bethy Squires

Just press TAB and cry 😂 👉(Reddit/armoured_danger)

Just press TAB and cry 😂 👉(Reddit/armoured_danger)...

Congrats to @mojang_net and @microsoft for the continued success 👏

Congrats to @mojang_net and @microsoft for the continued success 👏...

The new Sonic is looking ALOT better this time 😂

The new Sonic is looking ALOT better this time 😂...

On this episode of NXT LVL, Renee (@peachmangojuice) and Howie (@itsthatmanhowie) give you the lates

On this episode of NXT LVL, Renee (@peachmangojuice) and Howie (@itsthatmanhowie) give you the latest on Rainbow Six's new operation, and recaps of the Rainbow Six Pro League Final...

Kali gonna take his job 😭 👉(Reddit/Sarcastic_WEEB)

Kali gonna take his job 😭 👉(Reddit/Sarcastic_WEEB)...

I would turn it off and walk away 😂 👉(Reddit/OhSheThicc)

I would turn it off and walk away 😂 👉(Reddit/OhSheThicc)...

Huge news for Activision! Have you been playing CoD Mobile?

Huge news for Activision! Have you been playing CoD Mobile?...

R.I.P to EU fans hopes 🥺 👉(Reddit/EggyEg)

R.I.P to EU fans hopes 🥺 👉(Reddit/EggyEg)...

Who needs real life responsibilities anyway 🙃 👉(Reddit/JensenRaStar06)

Who needs real life responsibilities anyway 🙃 👉(Reddit/JensenRaStar06)...

The big excuse 😂 👉(Reddit/MrSpoon02)

The big excuse 😂 👉(Reddit/MrSpoon02)...

Can’t lie, this is us right now with Death Stranding 😂 👉(@complexitygaming)

Can’t lie, this is us right now with Death Stranding 😂 👉(@complexitygaming)...

One of the greatest games of all-time. Which Halo game is your favorite?

One of the greatest games of all-time. Which Halo game is your favorite?...