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🔹 PNW 🌲 🔹 2005 Molded Forcewerkz Flared Wrx Limited 🔹 2019 Chevrolet Silverado RST 🔹 2006 Subaru Sti 👫@taybaby48


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  • Sign me up - Cam Harden

  • Great game! Unreal finish! @mccutcheonmavs @TylerScherer_ - Mike Lowrey

  • Congratulations @TylerScherer_ on the new job! You will be missed on the sidelines at Tri-County. Best of luck to you!! - John May

  • CBS with Dick Stockton - fundamental! - Brandon Fulk

  • Congrats to @TylerScherer_ on new job. Very well deserved. Very glad he is out of our sectional. Good luck in the NCC - Austin Cowley

  • @TylerScherer great day for hay - Chase Rossini

  • Always Ride Your Own Wave Owner: tylerscherer @Woyshnis17… - Moving Culture

  • Wilber Flatch back at scouting, what a guy - All Smiles Riles

  • McCutcheon - Team Home McCutcheon Mavericks Sports - McCutcheon Athletics

  • @TylerScherer_ kudos on the new job bro. Mavs made a good choice - BabyHuey55

  • @_TylerScherer_ oh shit didnt know it was free lol im gettin on that shit. Kenny Blankenship is my homie - Dilly

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  • Squad Owners: Blob: tylerscherer Hawk: _dillond Photo: @Woyshnis17 #allsubaruallday- AllSubaruAllDay

  • Nice work by Southwestern 7th grade hoisting the basketball @TylerScherer_ @CoachC_McC - Brandon Fulk

  • @TylerScherer you have a dirty joke for everything, don't ya - Randi Fields

  • 12/2 WATCH LIVE Franciscan Hoops Classic 3rd & 1st Place Games @WL_basketball @WL_AthleticsRDP @mccutcheonmavs @TylerScherer_ @JeffAthletics @bronchobball @LCC_Athletics @WeAreTheNCC @samueltking - MTC Sports

  • Great night! - Josh Sorrells

  • Thanks to everyone who came out & helped make Meet the Mavs night a huge success Collected two large boxes of donations for Toys for Tots - Tyler Scherer

  • Great event at Meet The Mavs! Thank you to McCutcheon for hosting the middle schools and having us play and cheer at MHS! Great event! @mccutcheonmavs @TylerScherer_ @McCutcheonHS - Mike Lowrey