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Who said what about Vania Cavazzuti 🐢?

  • if we miss Vania and also many other twtter followers thanks for reminding us everything I write is very father I hope that my texts get hearts in twtter that I love I like very much for being a very father application and with many gif thanks and goodbye I love you ... - delicious fruits every day

  • Woah na miss ko ang kings of fighter, tekken, castle Vania, resident evil, yiiee.. - babebhelle bunag

  • I miss him. Can I see him soon? Or Na? - Sheez My Neez

  • Did you all ever live in a house with no insulation? Heaters full blast and the big colchas, 2 pairs of socks on, tucked in next to your siblings to keep you warm? I miss those days - vani_sun

  • At nights, in bed is when I miss you the most - VaniaArroyoDeschamps

  • dari 2018 alya top 30 Miss World 2018 Sonia top 20 Miss Universe 2018 Vania top 15 Miss International 2018 Wilda 3rd Runner up Miss Supranational Nadia Purwoko 2nd runner up Miss Grand Indonesia - i know it im semok

  • Why does Miss Thailand sound like Miss USA? - Vania PadillaEdralin

  • i miss goin out almost everyday - pcheS$

  • Vania, if you see this: i love and miss you - maureen.


  • I miss when @Snapchat was lit. They should’ve never changed the layout. Dumb asses - Vania

  • I miss Vania wtffffff - Ian Fabricatore

  • I really miss my boy Sly - Soulvania

  • Just why Euijin had to position himself like that. Anyway I miss them ;;___;; - Vania ツ || ERang, Shawol, UNMe

  • butttt I miss my son sooo much so I’ll be glad to get home - Sunny V 🌻

  • i even got it because of you i miss you too vania - sam ✨🇨🇦

  • Miss South Africa deserves it!!!!!! - vania

  • i miss eugene - vania

  • How are you, son? I miss you so much. I hope you eat well, sleep well, and do everything with happiness. I miss you so much @ikon_shxxbi - Vania 🌌📍Euphoria (Kak Hanbin) AU

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  • Wakili Indonesia, Vania Herlambang Masuk 15 Besar Miss International 2018 - detikcom

  • #cannesfilmfestival #producersnetwork Miss Vania Catani reveals her latest, starring VincentCassel. WOW 1st... - miguel govea

Erica📸 . . In frame @eryvit . . Outfit

Erica📸 . . In frame @eryvit . . Outfit