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  • Orishirishi. A man illegally keeping a lion in his house at Muri-Okunola Street, VI, Lagos. Operatives of the Lagos State Task Force supported by Vet Dr. from UI evacuated the lion to a zoo in Omu Resorts, Lekki, today. Is your neighbour harboring a dangerous animal? Report now! - Abayomi Shogunle

  • animal health cw // today sucks bc my corgi got acute kidney failure this morning and has been at the vet all day... we dont know the cause but we're worried its leptospirosis, so yea. if im not around thats why - 💫 lance, catboy appreciator

  • Treating injured animals at a moment’s notice requires a fully stocked surgery on wheels. That’s why each of the 5 SWT/KWS Vet Units is fully equipped with a customised off-road vehicle that can traverse any terrain, no matter how rough or remote: - Sheldrick Wildlife

  • Katie was dumped outside a vet at 8.30 this morning and we can only imagine how scared and frightened she must’ve been! Please share to increase her chance of getting a home, if you are interested please reply or DM us #adoptdontshop #rescuecats #scousecats #cat - Garston Animal Rescue

  • Took kitty to vet appointment today...only to be told it's actually tomorrow (they told me the wrong day). So we drove to CSUVTH and spent an hour waiting to get anti nausea meds to buy us another day before we do labs/make decisions. This part of animal ownership sucks. - Meghan Scott Molin (semi-hiatus writing cave)

  • We want proof that the dog is at the vet! This apology doesnt mean anything! This should have never happened and I think the employee needs to be arrested for animal cruelty! Sickening! - Dr. D, Animal Examiner

  • Thank you to transport provider @FedEx for flying Bei Bei and our animal care team to Chengdu, China. On the direct 16-hour flight, Bei Bei will travel with a panda keeper and vet as well as supplies including 66 lbs. of bamboo. #byebyebeibei - Animal Care Centers

  • CHLOE IS SAFE Yesterday we made a post about rescuing Chloe. There are several admins on our page and someone accidentally deleted it without our knowledge. Chloe IS SAFE and is at our vet. She will be in foster care ASAP !!! We will post an update as well - Amber

  • No, because cats require animal-sourced ingredients to get essential nutrients and robust, peer-reviewed research is still needed to prove the efficacy of synthetic alternatives. Please consult your local vet before making any changes to your cat’s diet - National Zoo

  • Archer the Dragonslayer before and after... fish skin treatment Now he has those fashion #boomer #brows #fishskin #judgeybrows #droakley #vetmed #inspirational #animals #cuteanimals #alaska #survivor #tilapia - SNARR Northeast Animal Rescue

  • A pet kelpie has been stabbed to death in an animal cruelty case that a vet describes as the most distressing he's ever seen. - BVA

  • Hang in there girl. I've nursed a Robin, squirrel, and raccoon back to health and I'm sure they would thank me. All without a vet. Youtube rules. This douche is trolling. Animal lovers unite against the village idiots - Michelle Oakley

  • Am the only crazy pet owner that inspects their animals body for any signs of abuse after a vet visit? - 7NEWS Melbourne

  • If you only take your dog to the vet for it’s puppy shots then years later to put them down someone’s gotta tell you all YOURE NOT DOING THIS RIGHT. All our animals need a yearly wellness like us! take care or your babies like they would take care of you! - Bill Priakos

  • Difficult day today. Doug obvs involved in some kind of ‘impact’. So he was admitted to animal hospital by vet. Home - just! Recovering ... funny how you get attached ... feeling sorry for himself ! - Em

  • In case you missed the special episode about our incredible veterinarian team, here’s a great article. #sundayread #memphiszoo - Jammin' ♡

  • Does your cat have a favorite chew toy? Post of picture of your cat with its favorite plaything in the comments! - DCC Jane Gyford

  • I feel so sad that these animals are not taken good care of. Also, I think there is no regular vet checking up on them. And they should not be caged in the first place - Memphis Zoo

  • Chickenshit coward whose combat experience is limited to shooting heavily sedated exotic animals insults career civil servants who’ve dedicated their lives to America, including courageous combat vet who was 5th in class at West Point & chose to fight in the jungles of Vietnam. - Fort Mill Animal Hospital

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  • THANK YOU @people @kbenderNYC for sharing the story of Archer the DragonslayerWatch our latest ep to see Archer rise from the ashes to run & play again,the happiest luckiest dog ever! You won’t believe the #fishskin tech that saved him. #fire #animals - Michelle Oakley

  • No, because cats require animal-sourced ingredients to get essential nutrients and robust, peer-reviewed research is still needed to prove the efficacy of synthetic alternatives. Please consult your local vet before making any changes to your cat’s diet - BVA

  • This vet should be struck off and the other despicable human being should be banned from keeping animals for life : Vet made fortune from dying puppies and breeder fined after dead dogs dumped - Peter Egan

  • If you think a vet student (or farmer, or shearer) tipping a sheep is a breach of animal welfare then frankly you're an idiot. - Melissa Harrison 🌾

  • Lower wages and longer hours make being a vet in rural areas less attractive. But a scarcity of rural vets means sick and infected animals could increasingly go untested. - NPR

  • Shame on them for sullying my favorite thing (male nudity) with my least-favorite thing (animal cruelty). - Zac Thompson

  • Former live export vet Dr Lynn Simpson: The more I got involved, especially working with the Department of Agriculture, the more I realised there was absolutely zero appetite to follow through with any of the reforms for animal welfare. MORE: - Sky News Australia

  • (CW: #animal suffering, death) Marine vet, James Barnett, who has carried out 100s of post-mortem exams on #dolphins + #seals, said, while single-use plastics in the #ocean pose a risk, he sees #animals wrapped in fishing nets far more often. - Let Fish Live

  • In the US the plan is to eventually phase out all over the counter antibiotics for animals. Might be too little and too late though, but will be popular with vets. - Wrath Of Gnon

  • Susan Smith, 61, oversaw what a vet described as a ‘total animal welfare disaster’ at Ingst Manor Farm in Olveston, South Gloucestershire. #tuesdaymotivation #tuesdaythoughts #tuesdaymorning #veganhour - Herbiⓥore

  • Dr Hugh Wirth, Melbourne vet and world-renowned animal advocate, had died aged 78 - The Age

  • Vet at Queensland horse abattoir made nine animal welfare reports this year - The Guardian

  • WATCH: Animal-Loving Kids Try to Stump This Expert Vet with Their Wild Pet Questions - People

  • 'This is the worst animal cruelty I have ever come across' - vet speaks out after acid attack on dog - Belfast Telegraph

  • Large animal vet making last rounds at the end of his shift in this world - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

  • The sacrifices made by animal health professionals for our furry family members should not go unnoticed. HUG YOUR VET! - Anne-France Goldwater

  • I Completely agree. They are over vaccinating pets and babies. None of my animals are vaccinated and I'm keeping it that way and one of my dog's is turning 13 and I have never had to take him to a vet. I won't vaccinated my children either. - Stacey

  • For the love of God... stay with your animal when they pass. "I'm not strong enough..." It's not about YOU. And if you can, have a vet come to your house. It's the least we can do for them. - Ari Solomon

  • How does one #live export vet care for 80 000 heat stressed sheep? This vet tried on ships, & then tried changing DAWR culture from within. For her, truly caring about animal welfare became a career ending choice. THE INDUSTRY WON AGAIN. NOTHING CHANGED. - Vichygirl

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